Labour’s Pride: Labour’s membership vindicated.

100,000s of the British public took a stand against the prevalent narrative that there was no choice but to accept the Tory way of doing politics. They were ridiculed and demonised for choosing Jeremy Corbyn to lead Labour away from that narrative. They were fought by the remnants of New Labour within the Labour party, they were fought by ‘establishment’ hirelings and shills within the media. They have been defamed and smeared but they have been inspired by the stoicism of Jeremy Corbyn, who has borne the brunt of ceaseless and shameful attacks by the media and those same New Labour remnants within Labour. 100,000s of the British public, people like you and me, even including you and me, have said that life in Britain does not have to be the way it has been for the last few years.

Britain takes to the polls today and the outcome is uncertain. Predictions are that the Tories will maintain some form of majority, I hope that the predictions are wrong but, regardless, people should be in no doubt. This has been an election fought by 100,000s of the British public, for the British public and against the billionaire ‘establishment’ and the influence they have bought in the media. Many voters won’t care, they’ll vote for the party they always vote for. Conservative voters will comfort themselves with the front pages of the newspapers that they voted the correct way. Labour’s membership can be proud that they ushered in the change to Labour that produced both the positive manifesto Labour presented to the country and of the positive campaign that accompanied it. I very much doubt that Conservative voters can truly feel the same pride in the manifesto and campaign of the Conservatives.

Whatever today’s outcome, I hope that Jeremy Corbyn feels he can continue as leader, to lead Labour to the next general election; I don’t imagine we will have to wait five years for it. The lies and the cheating, the sleaze and the in-fighting of the Tories will not see them hold together for too much longer. Theirs is a castle built on sand within an egg-timer and the grains are already falling away from under them.

labour's pride

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