For Your Information: Labour’s Position On Triggering Article 50 Part Two

Apparently, the position that faces us over the Tories bill to trigger Article 50 is unclear.
  1. The Tories hold a majority in Parliament and can pass their current bill with Tory votes alone, without the need for any votes from opposition parties. It would not matter how many Labour MPs or any other MPs vote against it, if the Tories whip their vote (and they will) and if all Conservative MPs abide by the whip (which historically they do) the current Tory plan for ‘brexit’ will go ahead just as it is.
  2. If you think that the Tories giving the NHS away to the Americans is the worst that the Tories can do in exploit triggering Article 50 then you may need some smelling salts for if the Tories actually get to proceed with their current plans triggering Article 50 and beyond.
  3. You may hate Jeremy Corbyn, you may hate Labour etc etc but they are the only opposition party presenting the Tories with an alternative plan and alternative responsibilities for triggering Article 50 and beyond. The Labour party are the only party who are attempting to force the Tories to accept a host of measures that will put the interests of the British public first, including protecting workers’ rights, Parliamentary oversight and access to the Single Market.
  4. If Labour commit to voting against triggering Article 50 then the Tories will proceed with the plans they currently have, with no amendments. It’s not that the Tories might do that, the Tories will do that.
  5. Labour have presented the Tories with a choice, accept amendments to their current bill and subject the process of triggering Article 50 and beyond (it is important to remember that there is an “and beyond” after Article 50 is triggered) that will protect the British public’s interests (Leave or Remain). Or the Tories can reject those measures, which will signal their intent of exploiting triggering Article 50. Voters (that’s you and me) will be in no doubt the Tory position and, importantly, so will moderate Conservative MPs, who can then search their conscience over rebelling and voting against the Tory whip.
  6. We can live in a fantasy that, left to their own devices, the Tories will lose the vote on their bill to trigger Article 50 (and beyond). Just like America believed Trump couldn’t actually win. Just as most of us did not believe Leave could win (including Leave proponents). Sure, we can live with that fantasy right up to the point we realise that we threw away the opportunity to force the Tories away from subjecting us to the hardest of hard ‘brexits’. I’ll grant you, it’s a gamble. Take no action now to try and restrict the damage the Tories can do and hope that it all goes magically away on its own or take action to limit the Tory damage and have an opportunity down the road to overturn it all when WE ACTUALLY HAVE A VOTE.
  7. The decision confirmed by the Supreme Court regarding the case Gina Miller’s brought against the Tories to force a Parliamentary vote on triggering Article 50 has created an opportunity for Parliament to force the Tories to protect the British public’s interests but it does not have any effect on what happens after Article 50 is triggered. If Labour’s amendments are unsuccessful and the Tories proceed with their current bill, as it is, then there will be no further opportunity currently for Parliament to have any oversight of what the Tories do after Article 50 is triggered and no influence on what is negotiated. The Tories can continue in secret, as they had previously stated they would do, and we will know nothing of what they are doing, what they are offering, what they are giving away, until after Britain is committed to it and we are out of the EU. THAT is what is at stake. (this amendment to the original article was added on 28/01/2017)

That is where we are right now, things can change. Gina Miller proved that we don’t have to accept the Tory crap at face value. People against leaving the EU should not stop fighting and should not stop trying to find ways to put a halt to this utter clusterfudge. Maybe you’re happy to think that the Tories, between now and 2020, cannot do meaningful damage to Britain and so allowing them to pass their plan for ‘brexit’ is OK because the will of the people can overturn it and throw them out of power in 2020. I hope you’re correct but I don’t believe that and I want someone to be fighting for my protection NOW from the Tories. Labour are seeking to limit the damage the Tories can do over the next couple of years and then we will have our say in 2020.

If people think that the internal strife in Labour ended (or started) with the leadership challenge that was launched on the 24th June 2016 then, please, don’t be fooled. The same people who chose to launch a torpedo at Labour on the 24th June are attempting to do the same now. All the same old crap from the same old remnants of Labour past. They don’t care if the Tories trigger Article 50 and run with their current plan because they think that it will probably happen anyway, nothing to lose, and they can use whatever the maelstrom creates to have another tip at taking control of the Labour party. It’s tedious that anyone should still have to say it, let alone still have to deal with this dreck but there you go.

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