Fidel Castro dead and Corbyn condemned, should we have expected anything else in the pipeline?

Just a quick question. In the days following the death of ex Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, and the various condemnations around the world for him and his regime, the Dakota Pipeline and the people being fired upon by agents of the US government, why are the protesters being fired upon and not simply arrested?

Granted, I’m probably being thick but that is why I’m asking. I would presume that, if the protesters are not being arrested that is because they are not committing any crimes, so why are agents of the US government firing freezing water etc at them?

I had the misfortune of watching some of Andrew O’Neil’s ‘Sunday Politics’ and, naturally, the death of Fidel Castro was used by O’Neil and his panel that included Isabel Oakeshott to have a go at that arch Commie ne’er-do-well Jeremy Corbyn for not saying something that he hadn’t said about Castro. The basic premise was that Castro was a terrible person, who did terrible things, and Corbyn had only alluded to the terrible things and hadn’t listed any terrible things. Scoundrel.

What Corbyn should have said in his response to the news that Fidel Castro had died should have included a list of the crimes Castro’s regime is accused of; very much like we might accuse the Saudi Arabian ‘government’ of beheading people, torturing people, ‘war’ atrocities against the people of Yemen etc. Or, in the way we might highlight human rights abuses by the US in Dakota or Guantanamo (which is in Cuba, sort of). Or Saddam Hussein, when we used to sell him arms or any number of examples, including the UK’s own rather chequered past when it comes to abusing human rights and generally being unpleasant.

Not to excuse Castro for any abuses against his own people but were Castro’s failings worse than any of our allies, past and present? In fact, I’m keen to hear Ms Oakeshott’s take on the crimes and abuses of a British political figure, easily as reviled as Castro in Britain, Margaret Thatcher. Now, there was an absolutely rotten political leader who set the police and security services against her own people and destroyed entire communities in her lust for power. Jeremy Corbyn is supposedly intending to attend Fidel Castro’s funeral, for which he will almost certainly be roundly condemned in our media by Britain’s right wing politico-media circus. I am confident that Margaret Thatcher will be singled out by history for her actions against the people of Britain and those who stood with her will be equally condemned.

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