Exploiting Manchester: the Tories, Sun, and Daily Mail

We are meant to believe that the Tories are the party of Law & Order, are the party of the Armed Forces, the party for security, the party for economic prudence and low taxes, where has that undeserved reputation been fostered? The evidence from the Tories in government is plain to see, they are neither strong nor stable, secure or frugal and, despite a halt being called on the general election campaigning we have seen the Sun, Daily Mail and the Tories exploiting Manchester attack in a disgraceful attempt to recover from the disastrous blows to the Tory campaign from their manifesto, Dementia Tax and Theresa May’s woeful public appearances.

  • The Tories have more than doubled the wealth of the wealthiest in society (including themselves) since 2010.
  • In this same time, the Tories have doubled tax payers’ national debt burden.
  • The Tories have slashed Police numbers by 20,000.
  • The Tories have slashed Mental Health Care to the bone, which has had a service breaking impact on the Police.
  • The Tories have slashed the Armed Forces by 10,000s.exploiting manchester tory weak
  • The Tories have decimated the Emergency Services.
  • The Tories have handed out corporation, inheritance, and capital gains tax cuts which have massively disproportionately benefited the wealthiest in society.
  • The Tories have used to massively increased national debt to maintain public spending but have directed much of it away from service provision towards contracts for private companies. Many of these profiteering companies have connections to the Tory party, either directly or through being donors.

From 2015, Britain’s opposition leader has been built up as some kind of useless bogeyman; at the same time a pacifist who will endanger Britain’s safety by not being a warmonger and, conversely, a sympathiser of terrorists. Following the tragic attack in Manchester, this false portrayal of Britain’s opposition was immediately brought out in disgraceful fashion by both the Sun and Daily Mail publications.

exploiting manchester the daily mail

exploiting manchester the sun

Just as the Sun slandered the victims of Hillsborough, both the Sun and the Daily Mail are exploiting Manchester and the tragic attack to further the interests of the Tories.

Theresa May has grasped the attack in Manchester with both hands to attempt to portray herself as the leader who can provide Britain security in our troubled times but it is inescapable that the those services that stand between the public and harm have been attacked by the Tories in government and, specifically, by the current prime minister and previous Home Secretary, Theresa May. exploiting manchester TMThe Tory press want the public, most especially Conservative voters, to ignore the facts that the Tories have betrayed them over security and spending and they are willing to slither beneath the gutters, exploiting Manchester, to present an alternative bogeyman for them to shake their fists at. The Tories attacks on our Emergency Services, Police and Armed Forces have been exacted since 2010 but they want people to cast blame on the opposition leader instead.

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