End Britain’s Demise: Simple choice, vote Labour, vote out the Tories.

With an election on the 8th June 2017, British voters have an opportunity to end Britain’s demise. The Tories deeply want to stay in power so that they can continue with their Long Term Economic Plan. Key to the Tories plan is splitting the Labour vote, for which they are reliant on the LibDems. Mainly, the Tories hope that the denigration of the  leader of the opposition will be enough to divide voters and leave the Tories in power. When I say voters can end Britain’s demise, I am referring to what was a slow trickle of our economy disappearing offshore to a torrent of privatisation and profiteering that is sucking our economy dry.

Britain has been told since September 2015 that Jeremy Corbyn is a threat to the economic, national and family security of Great Britain. No less than this man said it was so.

end Britain's demise

This man also said:

end Britain's demise again

And now he’s saying this:

end britain's demise

But, let’s not forget, he also repeatedly told Britain that he and his family had not benefited from tax avoidance. In fact, he used his office as Prime Minister to repeatedly attempt to deceive Britain over having benefited from tax avoidance. Has anyone asked him recently whether he is benefiting from tax avoidance now his assets have been released from his blind trust?

One constant with Tory leaders and Tory prime ministers of late is that they are liars. Massive liars.

Britain has been told since September 2015 that Jeremy Corbyn is no good, that he would be no good as prime minister. It must be true. The same people who told the pubic that  Britain would spend £350million a week on the NHS if we left the EU have told us so. The same people who told us that Turkey were days away from joining the EU and becoming a pipeline for ISIS into the heart of Europe and the streets of Britain told us so. The same people who blamed their mismanagement of Britain’s economy on the EU told us so. The same people who blamed Tory under spending on British housing, British schools, British hospitals told us so. The same people who told us that the NHS was safe in their hands told us so:

end britain's demise

The same people who told us that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction told us so. This man has told us so:

end britain's demise

These men have told us so:

end britain's demise

It must be true.

This man works every day to undermine Corbyn and who wouldn’t trust his motivations?

end britain's demise

We are meant to think that a Corbyn led government would be worse than the Tories but the reality is that nothing could be worse than the Tories. Five more years of what the Tories have subjected Britain to over the past seven years would be a travesty. Corbyn is offering meaningful change. Britain has been subjected to a parasitical cult that have prostrated this country to an altar venerating ideological beliefs that place the few above the many, that hollow out nation wealth in favour of individual profiteering that sucks a nation’s economy dry. After four decades, it is time for the people of Britain to stand and end Britain’s demise and that will include holding the media to account with effective oversight and the breaking of the current monopolies.

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