Driving Brexit: Disqualified from being behind the wheel, the Tories should have the keys forcibly removed.

Labour Brexit, what should that mean?

Whatever way you cut it, Britain has been forced into a corner by the moronic incompetence of David Cameron’s Tory party and it is going to take an enormous collective effort to dig us out of the calamitous hole we now find ourselves in with Brexit.

The Tories, under May or whomever comes next, simply cannot do it. They’ve caused such a mess in this country that, if we still had colonies to dispatch people to, the Tories would be on the first boat to sunnier climes.

Labour needs a coherent answer to Brexit’s victory in the EU Referendum. I oppose the result but it was democratically executed, which puts me in a bind. I would prefer for our politicians to say that, after review, Brexit is not a viable option and so we will not be pursuing it. But where would that leave us? At home, a democratically taken decision will have been cast aside. Can you imagine the implications of a party deciding to cast aside the result of a general election just because it didn’t suit? In Europe we have opened a Pandora’s box of unknown implications, regardless of whether we change our mind.

Once again, the politicians are not talking to us. They don’t know what Brexit means and they are not presenting us with any say in the matter. Parliament is to be excluded from the negotiations. It’s farcical.

It’s a desperate situation with Labour that so many MPs aligned themselves with a group of people who have, putting their moral and ethical repugnancy aside, been shown to be both politically and strategically incompetent. At any point a majority of the PLP could have put an end to the failed coup but, for whatever reasons, chose to let it runs its course, regardless of the damage it was doing. Even more remarkable that, when faced with the real issues that the electorate actually care about, the same idiots behind the coup are still banging their drum for insurrection within Labour. If the majority of the 172 answer that call again then Labour will have demonstrated its threadbare pool of talent and that will lead to electoral oblivion. Fool them once, shame on Saving Labour. Fool them twice, shame on the MPs. At this time, Britain cannot afford to be held to ransom by the playthings of wealthy donors; the Labour membership understand this, the CLPs understand this, the leadership understands this, we now need to see proof that the PLP understand this as well.

Britain must define what Brexit means and, by whatever constitutional means available, the Tories must be removed from the driving seat. Labour alone cannot do that, it will require a coalition, and Labour cannot permit itself to be sidetracked by the extremists in the Right of the party. Nothing should be off the table when considering the post Brexit victory but any government that thinks it can negotiate it without including the British public will be on the first rocket to Mars. Just as if factions within Labour think they can move forward without the support of the party.

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