Dealing From The Bottom Of The Deck: Is the British public being dealt a losing hand by the Tories?

Britain should be very worried right now. The Tories are desperate to stay in power and view creating an image of success of ‘Brexit’ as their Falklands War, at whatever cost. Key to that will be trade deals that look, on the surface, to be good for Britain but, as Britain is and will slowly discover about the Tories meddling in Education and the NHS, the Tories have been emptying the coffers to subsidise their failed ideologically driven policies.

In part, the Tories want to stay in power because it’s what politicians do, regardless of their suitability or capability, but where we are with the Tories since 2010 is rather like an embezzling accountant of a firm who controls access to the books and presents the only financial statement. For as long as the accountant can maintain their exclusive hold of the company’s financials, no one can know how much has been embezzled and the true state of the company. Another comparison would be the Baring’s broker, Nick Leeson. I suspect that the current mob in government are some combination of the two.

We have already had the behind closed deal with Nissan and the refusal of the government to admit what that has cost taxpayers, we have Hinkley Point and the £trillions it will likely cost taxpayers in its life time, and now we have Tory toadies kissing the ring of the new, gold plated, commander in chief of the Free World. If we are to judge Britain’s toady brown noses by history then we should know that no moral price will be too high for them to pay for the silver and that, if we cast our minds back to just why Liam Fox is ‘the disgraced Tory MP, Liam Fox’, there will be noses in troughs.

Self-interest is driving the Tory navigation of Britain, post the EU referendum, and they want as little pesky oversight as possible. Expect to be lied to, expect to be dazzled by bullshine, expect to be robbed blind. The Tories shroud themselves in sleaze and corruption but they’ve locked themselves into a spiral of deceit that has to bottom out eventually. Cast your mind back to last year and David Cameron’s repeated attempts to use his office to deceive the British public over he and his family benefiting from tax avoidance. It was an insight into the current Tory leadership’s contempt of the public and the arrogance afforded to them by an assurance of their corrupting and complicit relationships with the media. Cameron should have been forced to resign, instead, the story disappeared as soon as was possible but that it happened demonstrated the poor state of British democracy. A Prime Minister that can act with impunity and who can place their personal interests ahead of the nation. The leadership has not changed and they are handling Britain’s exit from the EU behind closed doors. We should be very concerned.

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