21st June 2017: A new dawn for the Conservative Party or its demise.

The Conservative party stands at a cross-roads, they can choose to enable the current Tory leadership of the party or they can accept that that leadership have brought their party to the brink of of being wiped out entirely in a future election. There can be no one within the party who is not aware of the corruption and self-interest that has overtaken the leadership in the past few years. The avarice and indulgence that has been encouraged by the Conservative party’s relationship with the media has made it complacent and has led it to abandoning the very politics on which the party was built and which its supporters vote for.

The damage to the Conservatives is such that simply changing the figurehead or reshuffling the cabinet will not save them. The sleaze that consumed the Conservatives under Thatcher and John Major was incubated during the opposition years and leapt into control of the party once it won a reprieve from opposition in 2010 and has entirely suffocated the party since 2015.

David Cameron’s disastrous Remain campaign in the EU referendum unshackled the absolute worst of the Conservatives and exposed the complete lack of strategic nous of the leadership but also their complete disconnect from British voters. The stumbling forward by the Tories in leadership has brought the Conservative party to where we are this week, at the start of brexit negotiations that none but a tiny minority of MPs want, even fewer consider to be a good idea for Britain, and that has exposed so clearly that the Conservative party only serves the interests of a wealthy few.

If the Tory leadership manage to get their Queen’s speech through Parliament on Wednesday and form a minority government, the next two years will see the death of the Conservative party. The British public have already begun to see through the thin veil that the media have provided the Tories to disguise their crimes in government so far. That veil will not last the end of summer.

Labour required a revolution to free the party from the control and negative influence of their very own tories; hundreds of thousands of the British public joined Labour and provided the strength to the arm of that revolution. The Conservative party need their own revolution. The Conservative party does not have the membership base to provide the strength required to force change, so MPs will have to rise from within the rank and file to take back control of their party from the leadership that are destroying it. The vote on Wednesday is what the current leadership are desperately relying on to keep them in power, to protect themselves. Unless a sizable number of Conservative MPs can form an opposition to them then it will be the Conservative party that will be sacrificed to protect the current leadership.

The Conservative party needs to accept the decision by voters that they have had their mandate to govern rescinded. For them to continue to govern as if nothing has changed for them is an arrogance born of abject fear of being held accountable for their actions and thefts in government. The Conservative party need to clear out their current leadership, finally sweep away the corruption, not simply permit it to hibernate, and they need to reform from the opposition benches. British politics can no longer continue to be an edifice of the 19th Century, it requires politicians equipped for the 21st Century. The days of opportunists and chancers like Ruth Davidson or Boris Johnson being acceptable or even desirable leaders is past. Politics needs policies. David Cameron was king spiv of a party dominated by spivs, shills, hucksters, carpet-baggers and snake oil salesmen, the Conservatives have lost their way from politics but do they have any figures within the party to actually form a leadership for the future?

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