You don’t win popularity contests by being popular

I think I might be catching on. I might just be getting the picture. The penny may be dropping.

Now that Corbyn is rolling out his campaign and is turning the 100,000s of new members into traffic stopping crowds at his campaign events, the message against him is that being popular isn’t enough to win general elections.

The people, the plebs, the oiks, the us, keep persisting with the idea that we can have a say in how we are governed and the more we insist that we are going to have our say and choose political leadership that we feel best represents us the more vocal our ‘betters’ scream about how wrong we are and by how much we just don’t understand political reality. Their fevered desperation swings between yelling at us about how we’re too stupid and politically rabid to understand to cooing at us that they agree with what we want, share in what we want, but that there’s a better way to achieve it.

Corbyn is variously portrayed as a megalomaniac, hell-bent on nothing short of a Stalinist apocalypse, to being a very nice, principled, man who lacks the unnamed ‘leadership’ qualities required to take his principles into government. Corbyn is either a cross between Charles Manson and Pol Pot or he’s your favorite, well-meaning, geography teacher, with vegan leather patches on the elbows of his cardigan but you wouldn’t pick him for the front row of your starting 15.

Bottom line, the infamous ‘THEY’ do not want Corbyn anywhere near number 10 Downing Street.

He can’t win, he shouldn’t win. Even the Tories don’t want him leading the Labour party either, which is very odd if he is such an election liability.

It’s an incoherent mess but I might be seeing some light.

If there was a single coherent narrative against Corbyn’s leadership, then I think people could be sold on it, but the fact there is not such a single coherent narrative suggests that one doesn’t exist. If no such narrative exists, then why the opposition?

Simple answer: because what Corbyn represents, the policies that speak to the mandate of the 100,000s of Labour party members, is at odds with what ‘THEY’ want us to have. Those policies will work against the interests of the imbedded ‘THEY’. What ‘THEY’ are afraid of is that, if we persist, ‘THEY’ will eventually be forced to issue a statement informing us that they are very sorry to break it to us like this but democracy was only ever a joke, we’ve never been a democracy, our votes have never counted for anything and they don’t count now. Life is serfdom, made bearable by the illusion of freedom. The democracy we can have is the democracy that ‘THEY’ are prepared to give us.

Or ‘THEY’ will have to concede power … to US. History is littered with moments where power was conceded to US; Suffrage was one such moment, and the sense of ‘hope’ that is carried by Corbyn’s leadership is in stark contrast with the sense of entitlement that opposes it. If WE don’t just cry into our beers and give up, then they’ll need to choose between getting out of the way or getting onboard.

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