You don’t need a time machine to combat the ugliest society has to offer and you can start in Richmond and North Kingston.

When asked what people would do if they could time travel, one of the most popular responses is to say that they’d go back in time and somehow eradicate Adolf Hitler from history. Well, get your traveling and eradicating shoes on because we are living in a time when the ugliness of 1930s Germany is alive and well and being flaunted in ‘civilised’ society.

The odious Toby Young has held forth on his support for eugenics:

and The Daily Telegraph in Australia has proposed sterilization for undesirables.

We’re all quite aware of the comparisons of UKIPs campaign poster for voting to leave the European Union and Nazi propaganda, just as we are aware of the increased hate crimes that have surged up after the EU Referendum. The slip by David Cameron during Prime Minister’s Questions, when he provided an insight into the language of the Tory leadership by referring to refugees as a “bunch of migrants”, dehumanising and degrading them.

There is a casualness about the language of hate and divisiveness employed by the Right and Far Right within British politics and heard during the Tory party conference where language of incitement perpetuated the myth that Britains should fear migrants over their job security. It’s an irresponsibility exercised by politicians and media alike and it has dire consequences. Shockingly, we have even seen odes being paid to Rivers of Blood from Labour MPs.

Zac Goldsmith employed one of the most shockingly racist and bigoted campaigns in British political history when he fought for the office of London Mayor and he has chosen to resign his seat in protest at Tory plans for a third runway at Heathrow. Quite why he didn’t simply resign the Tory whip and retain his seat as an independent till the next general election is a bit baffling but there you have it. The Conservative party has said it will not stand a candidate against him, one presumes because it could make the contest one of pro and anti Heathrow expansion, which the government would not want to lose.

There is an opportunity to defeat Goldsmith, he betrayed many of his previous voters in his support for cuts to benefits for people with disabilities and for his appalling Mayoral campaign. A strong LibDem candidate could possibly stand a good chance if neither the Greens or Labour put candidates forward and this has been proposed within both parties. An opportunity for turning the tide of bile in Britain was missed in Witney, maybe the people of Richmond and North Kingston can grab the nettle.

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