You can have a billionaires’ playground or an NHS but you can’t have both.

Britain’s dirty little secret is that we can’t have a growing list of billionaires and a National Health Service. In fact, ultimately, Britain cannot have comprehensive education provision or effective social care or libraries or an effective prison service or border control or social welfare and sustain our billionaire class. The sad truth is that if Britain wants to maintain its status as a country who provide wealth to our rarefied 5% then we have got to tighten our belts when it comes to spending on us, the 95%.

Lord Jim O’Neil, ex Goldman Sachs economist, made the case for Britain’s wealthiest on Channel 4 news, explaining that they had been hardest hit by the policies of the government over the past six years (a period during which they have only seen their wealth double). Lord O’Neil didn’t call for Children In Need to be re-tasked as Billionaires In Need but I’m sure he would join me in suggesting that Britain needs to get its priorities straight. Britain’s rich have been suffering hard times and that simply can’t continue.

Things are so bad for Britain’s greatest 5% wealth drainers that even Britain’s monarch has had to receive a crisis grant to assist in paying to refurbish her main residence. Shameful.

Thanks to the Tory government, Britain is trying to secure the futures of our wealthiest by committing British tax payers to the long term open cheques that are both the Trident replacement and the Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station, a likely pension fund for Britain’s wealthiest of at least half a £trillion. It’s a step in the right direction and both projects will redirect much needed tax payer money away from the 95%, who do not need or deserve it, to our glorious 5% who must have it. Joyous.

Money that has been traditionally wasted paying for hospitals and social care will need to be squeezed further and that means those drains on spending, staff, must be broken. Billionaire “businessmen” cannot be expected to justify themselves and their raking off profits just because greedy doctors and nurses insist that the money being ferried offshore to avoid paying tyrannical taxes should be being spent on providing health care for the 100%. The marketisation of the NHS did not create a slew of managers and Trust CEOs sucking out £millions from the NHS budget just so that medical professionals could voice their expert opinions. We (and by ‘we’ I mean those of us who view the NHS as a massive opportunity to redirect enormous amounts of tax payer money away from the public to our 5%) are sick and tired of experts (primarily, we are sick because we can’t get an appointment to see our GP because the system is overloaded and stretched beyond capacity and breaking point).

So, Britain has a choice to make, it can continue with all its negativity and selfish expectations that taxpayers’ money should be spent to benefit the 95% or it can save the 5% from a humanitarian crisis of biblical proportions akin to Ed Balls being voted off Strictly. Britain can’t afford public services and protect the expanding wealth of its 5%.

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