With less than a week till voting commences for the Labour leadership, just what has the farce been for?

Voting emails for the Labour leadership thing (it’s not really a challenge or an election, so I’m not sure what to call it) is less than a week away and the media has a poll to play with that puts Smith well ahead of Corbyn. It is a meaningless poll, unlike the thumping defeat that Smith has received from CLP nominations, but it provides the media with a more palatable narrative to play with whilst continuing to rubbish Corbyn’s leadership. Some Labour MPs are still retweeting such rubbish, even as they are coming to terms with the fact that Corbyn’s lead with the party voters is overwhelming. After losses and a “win” in the High Court, the “plotters” are also coming to terms with the fact that they will not be able to steal the election victory without knowing that they will face a legal challenge which, if it has to take place, will hopefully be personally targeted at those responsible for any gerrymandered election result and, the scrutiny of which, will not bode well for them.

Time is almost up for the “plotters” and what they’ve learned, if they didn’t know it already, is that support for the current leadership is as intractable as the neoliberal zombie sect that has festered within Labour since 2007 (and before, depending on your perspective). The net is drawing in and there is a palpable sense of desperation on social media among those who will be on the losing side of the “coup” farce. To them I ask:

What did you think would happen?

Did you think that an opportunity would present itself during the weeks between your failed attempts to get Corbyn to resign and now, so that your “coup” could spark back to life and succeed or did your ambitions extend no further than an opportunity for you to negotiate your protection after the voting debacle has been put aside?

Is that what you thought would happen or did you really have no other ideas once the realisation that Corbyn would not step away from the mandate entrusted to him by the party members?

When your critics accused you of being useless, of being incompetent, they weren’t bullying you, they weren’t being rude or mean, they were providing you with an honest appraisal of your capabilities … and you have proved yourself to be useless and incompetent. Sorry, but there it is.

Your mantra has been one of Corbyn’s inelectability and lack of leadership yet you have demonstrated neither. Without your efforts to gerrymander the leadership election, we all know that Smith’s defeat would be crushing, embarrassing, and he would be lucky to receive even 5% of the vote. So, despite your obvious access to a complicit media and wealthy backers, you are going to fail to demonstrate that you have any idea about how to win an election. What leadership have you shown? You had to have the NEC order that your CLPs are not permitted to enjoy their democratic freedom of assembly because you were too afraid that you could not even lead your own constituents in your “coup” against the current leadership. You had to have closed or in other ways gerrymandered CLP nominations because you could not lead your constituents to nominate Smith.

Your “coup” has been an utter clusterfudge and, like the worst kind of sinking ship, you will almost certainly drag down a lot of perfectly adequate MPs with you. To them I would say:

Speak up now, no one will think ill of you for being dragged along by the farce but that will not be extended to after the time voting begins. No one will want to hear your sad tales after Corbyn wins a second mandate, about how you never really believed in the “coup” or the terrible things the “plotters” said about the party membership and the CLPs.

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