Winning! In the race to the bottom, we are almost in a league of our own and the Tories are not sparing the whip:

Britain’s wage growth is as low as Greece. Not the greatest of surprises given the massive increase in zero hours contracts, stagnant pay levels for 6 years, push in the economy towards ‘self-employment’ where people are earning below minimum wage. Yes, the wealthiest in our society, the 1%, have doubled their wealth during the past 6 years and politicians haven’t gone short of a double digit pay rise, and bankers of course, even failing bankers have had very nice bonuses thank you very much, but the rest of us have not so well … academy CEOs have also done quite nicely, but apart from the already wealthy, politicians, bankers, and academy CEOs, we’ve all seen wages drop in real terms over the past 6 years.

And CEOs of rail companies, they’ve done quite nicely too.

I think it’s fair to say that if you were among the top earners in the country 6 years ago, you have done very well over the past 6 years, when the rest of us were living within our means. Welcome to the Tory ‘Long term economic plan’. Each time Osborne or Cameron or other Tory crony said it, a light went off in CCHQ and everyone had a chuckle to themselves. Like their ‘Stronger, safer, longer’ slogan, the Tories have been openly mocking us for years.

Now the Tories have the shroud of Brexit to play with and tiny minds are beavering away to adapt ‘Long term economic plan’ Austerity rhetoric into ‘Long term economic plan’ Brexit rhetoric. Hold on to your hats and keep your hands inside the car.

(Originally written 27/07/2016)

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