Will Theresa May’s political career go nuclear from the fallout from failed Trident?

So, four times Theresa Mayhem refused to answer Andrew Marr’s question about whether she she that there had been a failure during a Trident test before the House of Commons voted on whether to renew the costly transfer of wealth from British taxpayers to privateers.

Either May knew about the botched test and did not want to risk losing the Trident renewal vote (and the £billions that will flow from taxpayers to those undisclosed people who will profit from it) or she did not know something so fundamental that her office is criminally incompetent.

Or… May could have easily admitted to having known about the test and considered it irrelevant (which poses the question, just how often are there botches in these tests?) or May did not know about the botched test, should have, but didn’t, which is an embarrassing admission.

Will it matter?

No, it will be another incident that disappears with the newest news cycle. May won’t be held to account for being useless and it wouldn’t really matter even if she was.

Let’s say May provokes a vote of no confidence by her own party, she will be opposed and defeated by some new creature from the bowels of CCHQ and the Tory juggernaut will continue to roll over Britain. Granted, May’s time in the sun as ‘prime’ minister will have been even shorter lived than her equally useless predecessor but no better or worse than who will follow.

Given the lack of support that May has in her own party, it is not a vast jump to consider that there are already those within her party who are moving against her.

The issue with the Trident renewal is, of course, not only limited to whether such systems are safe (though that would be quite important) but the simple fact that it is strategically redundant; an out of date answer to a threat that does not exist. Sure, lobbyists for the nuclear arms industry will tell you otherwise but I hope we get to hear a more reasoned debate from Labour at some point.

Until that genuine debate occurs we will trundle along with our incompetent government who’s crimes of social and economic vandalism, in truth, far exceed their incompetence, come what May.

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