White Lies: Don’t, don’t do it. The Tories EU Exit White Paper.

When politicians lie they do not lie to your face, they obfuscate, they mislead, they tarry with the truth. It is always important to look at the words politicians use to know the truth of what they say.

An example in the Tories’ White Paper ‘The United Kingdom’s exit from and new partnership with the European Union’ is a case in point:

During the campaigns for the EU referendum the issue of immigration was at the forefront. In the Tories’ White Paper they are admitting the lie that immigration has put pressure on schools, housing, and wages. The key words in the above text are :

‘…that sheer volume has given rise to public concern about pressure…’

Public concern. Not, government concern. Not that the volume has placed pressure. Public concern. So immigration has not put pressure on schools, housing or wages. The other key words in the above text are:

‘…including from EU countries…’

An acknowledgment by the Tories that the ‘sheer volumes’ of immigrants are not just from the EU, not even significantly from the EU. There are ‘record levels’ but not from the EU.

Even more telling about the above text is that there is no explanation provided for why we have seen ‘record levels of long term net migration in the UK’. The UK leaving the EU is not the solution to the UK’s ability to control immigration.

So, what of the issue of British sovereignty? That was another issue during the EU referendum campaigns.

During the EU referendum campaigns we were told that we had to take control back. We were told that British sovereignty had been given away but look at the way the Tories admit the lie in their White Paper:

‘…Whilst Parliament has remained sovereign throughout our membership of the EU, it has not always felt like that…’

Not always felt like that? Felt. Well, I’m beginning to feel like we might have not had the best of campaigns run by the government during the EU referendum. In fact, British sovereignty was so not in jeopardy as a member of the EU that Britain will be adopting those laws of the EU that we currently voluntarily are signed up to when we leave:

So, British sovereignty remains intact in our membership of the EU. Quite important to remember that point. We are still members of the EU.

What was the other big lie during the EU referendum? £350million to the NHS. When we leave the EU we will stop sending them £350million a week and can spend it on the NHS. Now, we all know that the figure was never £350million and we all know now that there is no intention of spending it on the NHS but are we going to stop paying money to the EU?

No. Britain will continue to pay the EU money but we won’t get any of that money back, as we now do, and we have no idea just how much money it will be. So, no, Britain is not going to stop sending money to Brussels.

So, what do we know from the White Paper?

  1. Immigration is not the cause of pressure on schools, or housing or wages.
  2. The EU is not the cause of Britain’s lack of control over immigration.
  3. The EU is not the supplier of Britain’s record levels of net migration.
  4. The EU has never been a threat to British sovereignty or law making.
  5. Britain voluntarily adopted those laws of the EU that were of convenience to us and we will be adopting those same laws into British law when we leave.
  6. Britain is not going to stop sending money to Brussels, even after we leave the EU.
  7. People who write shit on buses should be made to eat the buses.

People are angry at Labour/Corbyn right now, have they ever wondered if their misdirected frustrations might not be intentionally provoked to distract them from whom they should be raging at, the Tories and the press?

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