When you have to tighten your belt to pay for a Sweetheart Deal For the Stockbroker Belt of Surrey, something has got to give… sanctuary for child refugees?

While it feels like Labour MPs will resign from the Shadow cabinet at the drop of a hat and the sniff of a leadership challenge, Conservative MPs seem far less keen to do more than have a wee chunder in the press from the back benches. Heidi Allen is the latest Conservative MP to get angry with her own government, this time it is over the Tories dumping their commitment to refugee children. I don’t doubt Allen’s sincerity in her anger at her party’s leadership but I’d really quite like to see a Conservative MP do more than report on how angry they are with this government because a hell of a lot of us have been pretty fizzing at them for some time.

Anna Soubry gets jolly well angry with Boris Johnson and will never forgive him for what he did in the EURef campaign, and she’s jolly well angry with Britain being forced out of the European Union and the Single Market and the immigrant bashing and all that. She’s jolly well angry at the Labour party for all of that stuff because, you know, Labour should be doing a better job in opposition … I mean, where do you start? You are angry with the opposition party because they are not doing a better job of opposing your party’s government and in the next breath you are acting as an apologist for Theresa May and any sleights against the Tory government are batted away. As Diane Abbot said to David Davis … fuck off (pardon my French).

Famously, John Major referred to the Euroskeptic coterie within the Tory party as bastards. Now THAT’S getting under your leader’s skin. Those Europhobes really knew how to cause an utter clusterplunge wherever they laid their hats and helped tear their party apart. I wonder whatever happened to those bastards?

(If you’re a Labour supporter/voter then it’s a snippet of insight into what Labour’s current leadership have been trying to deal with since September 2015 and both Brown and Miliband were dealing with before)

Major’s Euroskeptics may have been a blight on this nation but at least they were fighting for something that they appeared to believe in. It seems notable that Conservative MPs have been silent over the Surrey fiasco, how many other deals have the Tories been making? Theresa May sits in Parliament with an even slimmer majority than John Major yet Conservative MPs seem incapable of wringing out any concessions from her at all. It’s fine and dandy to great headlines and interviews where you voice your ‘humanity’ but we’re not seeing much evidence of that in action are we?

As for Labour, no doubt there will be Labour supporters/voters who side with Anna Soubry in holding the Labour leadership responsible for the actions of the Tory government because that’s the sort of weird world where we reside now. The Labour leadership have to make some tough calls, knowing they will get condemned either way. Tory MPs appear to be able to take no action at all in the face of actions that they gain airtime for condemning and then get heralded as heroes. A weird world indeed.

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