When tiny hands sign away lives, what complicity of the media having given them the pen?


As Trump unleashes an Executive Order deluge upon the American people he follows in the wake of the Tories path of destruction that they have been subjecting Britain to since 2010. The worst is yet to come as unbridled egos begin to exercise unchallenged authority. In America, Donald Trump was the joke candidate, a grotesque sideshow that no one would ever have to fear as actual President but then he was elected and now, days into his Presidency, he is being every bit as ugly as people could imagine. The worst of America has barricaded itself into the bunker and it is breaking open the seals.

In Britain, the Tories that were indulged by the LibDems in power from 2010 to 2015 found themselves, against all odds, as majority government. The King Spiv, so venal and beneath the office survived for a year before his inadequacies forced him out, but not before he had plunged Britain into its greatest constitutional upheaval since the Reformation. The media that had indulged Cameron through the coalition years and that carried him through the 2015 general election set itself against Britain’s opposition and have sustained the Tories through 2016 and are carrying them still.

When the supposed ‘liberal’ media wring their hands at the abominations of Trump and May it is important to remember that they abetted the undermining of the Tories’ opposition. Ill-informed celebrity commentators bemoan the opposition leadership but allow their ignorance to dictate the free ride that the idiots of May and her government enjoy. Our liberal media have done as much, if not more, to undermine opposition to our idiot overlords than the idiot overlords. When the public challenged Laura Kuenssberg’s role as senior political editor at the BBC because of alleged bias against the opposition, our liberal media weighed in to defend ‘one of their own’; Kuenssberg’s bias is now proven and well documented, her fellow media cheerleaders seem not so vocal now.

Expect the gnashing of teeth from our media over Mayhem’s ‘brexit’, expect tearing of their hair over Trump, expect fingers to be pointed in every direction but at themselves. The irresponsibility with which our media have falsely attacked opposition to the idiots ruining our country will be met by no accountability, of course. No heads will roll. If anything, it will be OUR fault that things are so bad. Not that politicians are free from their guilt. It should not be forgotten how personal ambition has driven those within the fringes of Labour to try and grab control, even as they damaged Labour’s standing with the wider public. Expect them to all have fingers pointing outwards and false expressions of disquiet over the difficulties Labour faces in mounting the opposition that Britain needs. Dregs like Owen Smith still float. It’s all a game to them, even as real lives get ruined.

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