Whatever your A’level results today, your country needs you to be tomorrows radical feminist…

It is A’level results day and lots of young people will be elated or crushed by whatever they get in their envelopes but they needn’t worry. However well or badly you do will have little impact on your long term life prospects, that will be far more excessively influenced by how privileged your background is and how much cumulative advantage you enjoy. Your long term life chances were settled before you were born and there really was nothing you could have done about it.

So, whatever you get today, don’t sweat it. Like as not, people who aren’t as ‘bright’ or as deserving as you will have far more comfortable lives than you, no matter how hard you work. Cumulative advantage is the bane of our society and has been for generations. No government has ever tried to buck that trend and they’re not trying now. Ignore all that rot about Social Mobility, they don’t mean it and it has never existed in any meaningful sense.

If you want better for your kids, then keep your fingers crossed for a feminist led political revolution. Till then, keep chipping away.

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