What next for Labour?

Best case scenario?

The futility of the “coup” is known by all but the most intractable and MPs must recognize that, despite the smears and insults leveled against those who are supporting Corbyn’s leadership, the majority of the supporters are just ordinary people who want a better crack at life than they currently have an opportunity to have. Better working lives, better housing opportunities, better communities. Better together, more in common etc etc etc. Time for the doubters in the 172 to return to the party, stop insulting the party membership and expose the “coup” for what it has always been, a small bloc within Labour who have been working to undermine it under a number of leaderships. The error of the majority of the 172 was to think that is was easier/more pragmatic/the path of least resistance to remove Corbyn’s leadership than remove those who had “walked off the pitch”, as Lisa Nandy has referred to them.

Time to move on.

Once the majority of the 172 have returned to the Labour fold Smith should withdraw his challenge and let the party get back to business. True, some CLPs will likely vote to deselect some MPs but, for the most part, the party will remain intact. Those MPs who are removed from Labour will allow it to begin healing; their absence will allow the leadership to focus on the center ground of the party, instead of fending off and managing the fallout from attacks from within.

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