Voter Contempt: Just thinking about the contempt our politicians and press display for the public …

The nature of British politics breeds voter contempt from all sides;. politicians, the media, the various hangers on and stragglers who make their living shilling between politicians and wealthy individuals and corporations, even other voters, all display voter contempt.

There’s a scene in the Wolf of Wall Street where Jordan Belfort is demonstrating the “art” of the hard sell to his stooges. Belfort is on the phone to a selected sucker and, while talking the sucker into buying junk shares, is ruthlessly mocking the sucker for the amusement of his stooges.

voter contempt

  • Rupert Murdoch is Belfort, MPs are his stooges and we are the sucker on the phone.
  • MPs are Belfort, the press pack are their stooges and we are the sucker on the phone.
  • The press pack is Belfort, we are their stooges and we are the sucker on the phone.

We are the suckers on the phone, we are the stooges, we are never Belfort.

Voter Contempt: Are British voters ready to be taken seriously?

British politics needs radical reform to move it away from the personality led sideshow it has become. We cannot complain about the types of people our politics attracts if we don’t change the type of politics we have. Politicians, like newspaper editors, are not the brightest and best among us, too many are spivs, shills, hucksters and carpet-baggars, in it for what they can get out of it. A system that produces ‘safe seats’ will always produce noses in the trough, so we need electoral reform too.

Voter contempt is a symptom of our corrupted and compromised politics, politicians use the media to gain public trust, which they then exploit for their own ends. The media is owned or, in the case of the cuckolded BBC, influenced by individuals to influence politicians to include their interests when the politicians get to exploiting. So we need effective media oversight.

At a fundamental level, Britain does not hold it politicians or media accountable for their actions. Britain has a ‘higher’ chamber with the House of Lords but that too is corrupted and in need of reform.

It was never the time for Britain to vote on its membership of the EU because there is too much reform needed within Britain and that should have always been prioritised. It is still not too late.

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