Tuesday 11th October 2016: A white haired clown incites the people of Britain to start WWIII

Quite extraordinary scenes in Parliament yesterday, the Foreign Secretary abdicating his responsibility to Joe Public to deal with diplomacy between Britain and Russia over incidents in Syria, as Johnson incited the public to march on the Russian embassy to protest. What on earth is going on? We all know Johnson is a clown of the highest (or lowest) order but this latest brain fart from the buffoon is outrageous. His speech in the Commons was rambling and bumbling, displaying not an ounce of confidence in the words he was saying and must rank as one of the worst performances in the Chamber in my lifetime at least. If ever you had any doubts about Boris Johnson as a senior statesman, then they were resolutely affirmed yesterday. To think, this imbecile (and his supporters) considered himself a shoe-in for Prime Minister is breathtaking and a reflection of both the dearth of any real talent within the Conservative leadership and the example set by the equally moronic and out of his depth David Cameron.

Someone is playing a very cruel joke on Britain.

In a flaccid attempt to appease the moderates within her own party, Theresa May has announced that she will permit a review of the terms or the plan for exiting the EU (I’m going to try and stop referring to this momentous political move but that nonsense ‘brexit’). If anyone knows that the Tory leadership are full of crap, lie at the drop of a hat (then steal the hat), and maleficently duplicitous it should be other Conservative MPs. May is making this rubbish up on the hoof and she and her merry band of incompetents shouldn’t be within 500 miles or 500 more of running Britain, let alone the responsibility for negotiating Britain’s transitioning relationships with our European neighbours.

You only have to look at Sterling tanking in the financial markets to see that nobody in the world believes the Tories can manage Britain right now and who can blame them when a Prime Minister, who inherited the position unopposed after the main contender was rinsed by the media, appoints the same contender into her Cabinet and then awards other positions to the likes of Johnson, Fox (Fox, for FFS), and Truss. The entire world knows that May tried to sack Jeremy Hunt but was pressured into keeping him in Health. Not only is May incompetent but her weakness was exposed before she was even crowned. May wouldn’t have won her party leadership without the intervention of the media and, once in “power”, it is clear that someone else dictates (or calls in favours) to decide who serves in her Cabinet.

Let that thought sink in.

We may have a Prime Minister so weak that it is not even possible to hide that they are weak, even with the complicity of the mass media.

Ian Hislop warned the Public Administration & Constitutional Affairs Committee yesterday that they should investigate the relationship between Rupert Murdoch and disgraceful minister Michael Gove. In the wake of Leveson Inquiry and May’s actions in office as Prime Minister, I think it would prudent to look at all the relationships between politicians and the press. Jeremy Corbyn has announced Labour’s intent to break up the monopolies within the ownership of the British media, which sounds entirely sensible and possibly a good idea for tackling some potentially shocking anti-democratic practices.

A Britain run by megalomaniac media barons should remain as the hyperbolic plot of a James Bond novel.

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