Trump’s cheerleaders can fudge off: The British public, just how stupid are we meant to be?

What state is British politics in? Are we supposed to get excited by Trump authorizing strikes against an air base in some far off distant land that may or may not have had any militarily significance and for which Trump had no international agreement for? Are we meant to take seriously the jingoistic bullshit from the lying media and the lying MPs cheering the action on, just as they did for Iraq and Afghanistan? Are we meant to forget the utter clusterfudge that similar action has created in the world? Seriously, just how stupid are we meant to be? Suddenly British politicians are rubbing Trump’s belly as Trump’s cheerleaders.

trump's cheerleaders

Do the public need any clearer indication that Labour’s current leadership are the only ones being honest with them and calling bullshit exactly what it is? Remember when Tony Blair talked of weapons of mass destruction? Remember how the Tories cheered and the media shook their fists towards Iraq? Remember how it was complete and utter bullshit; bullshit that snowballed and snowballed, first with thousands of deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan, through to the creation of ISIS, the humanitarian disaster in Syria and terror attacks around the globe?

You know, that bullshit.

Well, this is no different and if there are Labour MPs adopting a different stance to the current Labour leadership then they’re as much a part of the cowardly bullshit that waved flags for Tony Blair and now choosing to act as cheerleaders for Donald Trump. Donald Trump FFS. They’re morons, unfit to serve in public office. This is the dross that want to usurp Labour’s democracy and replace the current leadership with another regime that would sex up a dossier and tell bare-faced lies to the British public.

Trump’s cheerleaders within Labour are, unsurprisingly, Labour’s parasitical dross whoare continuing their pitiful campaign of attrition against the Labour party, with MPs and media limpets kicking in their tuppence worth of moronic pistle-dribble. Labour’s critics say that Labour are not a party fit for opposition and who could argue with that. There is fat-headed dross occupying Labour seats who would be unfit to occupy the pit under a thunder-box.

Quite simply, if Labour folds to it’s parasitical siege faction then the party really will have ceased to be fit for purpose as a political party. In fact, British politics and British democracy will have ceased to be fit for purpose and will have descended to the lows of America’s politics and a descent further down the rabbit hole, tarring us all with being Trump’s cheerleaders.

Britain has a politico-media caste who are utterly compromised and corrupted. I would like to think that they are on borrowed time but doubt that that’s the case. The media do not hold the politicians to account and the politicians do not hold the media to account and the majority of the public do not know that they should be holding both to account because they’re not listening to MPs like the those in the current Labour leadership. Instead, the British public are still taking their cues from the politicians and media who are betraying them.

You have a Labour leadership who are standing against this self-referential, self-interested cadre within society and they are been lambasted by that cadre. You have a Labour membership who are the underpinning of the Labour leadership. The membership have so far resisted the corruption but British democracy will stand or fall with the wider public. In 2010 Britain signaled that it was sick, not of experts, but of politicians. In 2014, the Tories gerrymandered voter registration, which aided them to a majority victory in 2015 by the slimmest of margins (but it also cost them the Remain victory in the EU Referendum). In 2016, the British public signaled that they no longer believe that British politicians act in their best interests.

Britain has been rewarded for its dissatisfaction with British politicians with a politics even more removed from their best interests, as the Tories fight tooth and claw to maintain control of government so that they can best serve the interests of the wealthy few. It was always a mistake to hand the Tories control of the chaos that would ensue in the wake of a ‘Leave’ ‘victory’ in the EU Referendum, and so it has proven to be. A party so compromised and corrupted that it no longer knows up from down. A party so weak with cowardice it has been forced to accept the appointments of handlers from the media barons that direct the party from outside of democratic oversight.

Britain could yet be saved by the legal system and the courts. There may yet prove to be those with higher resolve in Britain’s judiciary who can apply the law to hold our politicians and their fellow hirelings to account. Otherwise we will continue with a political class that will seek to turn any amount of bullshit into a cover for their incompetence and their self-serving greed. Britain deserves a far better class of politician but, more than that, Britain needs a better class of politician. The current majority seem to rely on the winds of change to blow in something positive that they can take credit for, whilst they pray they can survive long enough doing the crap they do with complicity from Britain’s media. Britain would be better served dropping most of them off a cliff, with their media cohort shackled to them. They smell a positive headline coming from Britain’s dreadful media and won’t to bask in the glow by publicly declaring themselves as Trump’s cheerleaders.

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