The Tory NHS Land Grab That Is Daylight Robbery

The 9th of June 2017 could trigger the Tory NHS land grab, which could cost British tax payers close to £5billion but, potentially, far far more.

In the Tories continued Long Term Economic Plan of handing over tax payer wealth to privateers, they have set their sights on publicly owned lands currently held within the NHS’s portfolio. Theresa May has indicated that, should they remain in government after the 8th June 2017, the Tories will implement aspects of the Naylor Review. It is not difficult to guess which aspects of the Naylor Review most appeal to the asset stripping Tories but what is it all about?

The NHS hold land and properties across Britain which they are not utilising. In 2013 these publicly owned assets were valued at close to £8billion. The Naylor Review has suggested that these assets could be sold off to raise an estimated £2.7billion. By anyone’s arithmetic, that’s a profit for someone of close to £5billion, just for the value of the land and not including profits that would follow with the land re-purposed for commercial building or housing. In 2014, it was estimated that 300,000 homes could be built on “surplus or under-utilised NHS land”. So, with house building alone, there is a potential to add profits of tens of £billions and yet the Tories will look to give away the land for less than £3billion. But more than massively undervaluing these publicly owned assets, the Naylor Review goes further by recommending that taxpayers subsidise these purchases to incentivise quick disposal, offering 2 for 1 deals.tory nhs land grab 241

tory nhs land grab nicked

The Tory NHS land grab will be nothing short of daylight robbery.

Tory NHS land grab Labour

The alternative to the Tory NHS land grab would be to vote them out of government and elect a Labour government committed to building homes. Labour is proposing to build one million homes over the next five years, half of which will be social housing homes. Labour will utilise the British public’s long term investment in our NHS to invigorate our economy and tackle issues of housing, jobs, and training along with it. The Tories plan to give away our investment so that the usual suspects can rake off tens of £billions and hide it away in offshore bank accounts.


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