Tory Four Point Plan Explained: Control, they want all of it

The Tories have identified four areas of control required to ensure their best possible survival in power and it is all about controlling the public’s access to information. The Tory Four Point Plan consists of:

The Tory Four Point Plan

  1. The BBC
  2. Trusted independent voices
  3. The media
  4. The internet

The BBC:

David Cameron appointed key personnel into BBC News to control news output from the public broadcaster.

Trusted independent voices:

David Cameron introduced a Lobbying Bill which has become laws to gag charities from speaking out against government policies, which we have witnessed during this election.

The media:

It has long been recognised that Britain’s media is the most right wing in Europe, YouGov confirms that 76.8% of the major national papers are considered right wing and only 15.4% left wing, with the remainder sitting somewhere in the middle. It is often cited that 80% of the media is controlled by 5 right wing billionaires. Certainly, monopolisation of media interests has been permitted and control of what we consume as ‘news’ is concentrated in minority control.

Theresa May has set out in the Tory 2017 manifesto plans to formally ditch the implementation of Leveson 2, cancelling any notion of independent control being applied to media oversight.

tory four point plan

The internet:

Now Theresa May is proposing to remove the single greatest threat to their control of access to information, the internet. In the Tory 2017 manifesto, Theresa May has laid out the Tories’ intention to enact controls over the British public’s access to the internet and, most importantly (or chillingly) access to information.

tory four point plan intcen

Most despicably, Theresa May has attempted to exploit the London Bridge attack to push this key piece of the Tory agenda.

tory four point plan bloodDressing the Tories desire to assume control over public access to information as a means of preventing terror attacks, when they have no intention of tackling the real issue of preventing potential attackers from physically attacking through the efforts of a properly staffed Police, not stretched by unrelated issues like dealing with the fallout from Tory cuts to mental health care.

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