Tory Election Fraud : The wheels on the bus go round and round and then over some Conservative MPs.

David Cameron on Tory Expenses: 'I'm responsible for everything' Tory Election Fraud

Oh happy daze.

More was revealed today on Channel 4’s news that 12 police forces have logged evidence with the Crown Prosecution Service connected to their investigations of Tory Election Fraud. In addition to that, more staff connected to Theresa May’s administration have been implicated and emails have surfaced that indicate some of those being thrown under the big blue bus are not overly happy with the arrangement.

So that’s the good news.

We don’t yet have any idea of what the outcome will actually be. Once the police have handed over the evidence to the CPS then it is possible that they choose not to pursue cases for whatever reasons they come up with (which could be legitimate).

Tory Election Fraud

From the little we know about the evidence (which is nothing) and from the Tories own confession, I would hope that the Tories are are prosecuted for every single offence and that includes those who ‘master-minded’ the various frauds and those who ‘master-minded’ the various schemes which led to the fraud being necessary to cover up the overspending incurred. MPs, their agents, and the people from CCHQ should all be prosecuted. I would also hope that charges of attempting to pervert the course of justice can be sought, charged, prosecuted and convicted. The possibilities are endless.

Of course, it may be decided by the CPS that it is not in the public interest to pursue prosecutions. Even if it goes to court the judge may decide that it is not in the public interest to overturn the election decisions, imprison the MPs and their agents and those associated with the fraud and those associated with the, potential, attempts to pervert the course of justice.

I would hope that the magnitude of the offences committed by the Tories is taken into account when prosecuting and sentencing (presuming guilty verdicts are reached). The investigations have been very low key in the media, I hope this is simply a sign of the fear that the Tories have for the prosecutions that they know are forthcoming but it is undeniable that the BBC’s silence on the subject has permitted the Tories to conduct their disastrous ‘brexit’ campaign unencumbered by their potential status as fraudsters, casting an enormous shadow over the legitimacy of their EU referendumb and their headlong cascade towards a ‘hard brexit’.

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