Tory Election Fraud: Could the Tories’ fraudulent election expenses place more than their flimsy majority under pressure?

In the 2015 general election, David Cameron’s Conservative Party repeatedly overspent in crucial seats and failed to declare their expenditure, most especially in Thanet South, the seat they feared losing to then UKIP leader Nigel Farage. Ultimately, nearly 20 police forces have been investigating the Tories’ election fraud, affecting nearly 30 Conservative MPs. Just this week Theresa May’s chief of staff, Nick Timothy, has been implicated in the fraud investigation, with the Tories claiming to reporters that Mr Timothy had not been engaged in the local election campaign of Craig Mackinlay for Thanet South. It is not known whether the Tories have made the same denial to the police investigating the election fraud. Thanet South was notable for the Tories’ effort to block police from investigating.

It is now being reported that, of the MPs originally investigated, the police have reduced the number of cases considered to have evidence that “warrants further examination” to less than a dozen. Time will tell. Has pressure from Downing Street and CCHQ played a role in deciding what prosecutions are in the public interest to pursue? We have already witnessed the Tory party’s attitude to the judiciary over the matter of Theresa May’s legal authority to trigger Article 50, the vitriol and abuse meted out by the Tory press, and the silence from the government over the abuse directed at Britain’s judiciary.

It is still an outside possibility that the Tories’ extremely tenuous Parliamentary majority could be challenged by seats affected by the Tory election fraud being lost, which throws up enormous implications for Britain, ‘brexit’, and all that.

  1. If it is proved that the Tories majority in 2015 was attained fraudulently, what legal position does that place on their authority to call for the referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU and, subsequently, the result?
  2. If the results from the 2015 general election, for the seats affected by the Tory election fraud are declared void, triggering by-elections, have the Lib Dems all but ruled out any chance of them winning them, given their opposition to respecting the decision of the EU Referendum?
  3. Is it possible that the Tory majority could be reduced to a single MP and if it is, how much greater the betrayal to Labour and the country by Jamie Reed quitting the Copeland seat (and, with the same intent, of Tristram Hunt quitting Stoke-on-Trent Central)?
  4. If the Tories lose their Parliamentary majority through the election fraud, might Theresa May decide to risk more and orchestrate an early general election instead of just facing the electorate in a number of by-elections? Instead of cowering from the electorate as she currently is, might the risk of losing their majority in the seats affected by the election fraud be outweighed by a chance to exploit the supposed unpopularity of Jeremy Corbyn and a chance to repeat the ‘success’ of Copeland?

The Tories have admitted their ‘fraud’ after first attempting to withhold key evidence, the investigations have been into the scale. We all know that if this was a Labour government being investigated (or even a Labour opposition) the media would be wall to wall with lurid allegations and calls for resignations. Given the Tories’ attempts to withhold evidence and block the police from investigating, we can only speculate as to what pressures they have been attempting to apply behind closed doors. David Cameron has already put his head in the noose and, whatever criminal charges may be coming, he should certainly be held to his own admission of guilt.

One aspect of the election fraud involves the Tory campaign of bussing ‘activists’ around the country to key marginal seats to campaign on behalf of the local candidate, there would certainly be a sweet irony if this bus:

was the undoing of the Tories and, especially, David Cameron instead of this one:

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