Tory brexit: There is no brexit but a Tory ‘brexit’.

There is no ‘brexit’ but a ‘Tory brexit’.

The Tories did not expect to win a majority in the General Election 2010, so never expected they’d have to have the referendum.

Having won a majority, they were forced to have the referendum, but they never expected to lose it.

tory brexit

They had done no research on the potential repercussions of leaving the EU as a result of holding a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU because they never believed it would happen and they never believed Britain would face a position of leaving.

Beyond the “swivel-eyed loons”, the Conservative Party does not support ‘brexit’ but they have forced it through Parliament, none the less; including all the supposed anti-‘brexit’ MPs like Anna Soubry, who have ALL voted with the Tory government on key legislation that has pushed ‘Tory brexit’ forward.

The same disastrous combination of arrogance and ignorance, that saw a policy being offered to the British electorate to vote on that the Tories had conducted no research into the implications of, has kept the wheels turning on ‘brexit’ in the vain hope that something good will come of it or, at least, that the Tories will somehow survive without the public fully realising just how dangerous, ignorant, arrogant and incompetent the Tories are.

The Tories are praying that Britain does not stop to take a breath over leaving or remaining in the EU to ask whether the Tories are even a remotely credible political force within Britain. The British media are working frantically in collaboration. The Opposition is being lambasted by the media in the vain hope that the public will permit the wool to be pulled over their eyes and allow the Tories to share the blame for their ‘brexit’. Just as we need to get shot of the Tories, we need to get shot of most of our media too.

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