Tories taking Britain back to the glories of Empire by flushing us down the Kharzi.

Britain stands dejected behind the Union flag lying limply at half-mast this morning. This cataclysmic Tory government are scratching at the splinters of the bottom of the barrel, the truth that we all knew has been cast on to the cobbles by way of a leaked memo outlining the extent of their incompetence. To even begin to approach managing the complete disaster the decision to leave the EU has thrust this country into will require the hiring of tens of thousands of civil servants and that will still not begin to touch creating a semblance of a plan.

In the Conservatives we have a party that placed their internal party politics ahead of the interests of Britain (not for the first or last time). They presented this country with a choice that was not only ill-considered and unprepared for but was a choice that they had no legal authority to make. Having presented Britain with the choice, the Conservatives proceeded to turn the fight into one for the leadership of their own party and the Bozos won. This photo of Boris Johnson should live on in infamy

The very worst of the influence of modern day Hugenbergs has been underpinning, emboldening and corrupting Britain’s right wing politics for decades and reduced the Tories to a party that plays at politics in between serving itself. Unaccountable and working in the interests of media moguls like Rupert Murdoch, David Cameron has turned the BBC into an undiluted mouthpiece for media controlling ideologues’ interests. Britain is a sick man of the world when it comes to press bias, lacking a press watchdog with teeth enough to hold them to account. The story run by the usual suspects claiming pictures from the Remembrance ceremony on Sunday show Jeremy Corbyn disrespectfully dancing a jig is a fine example of the sewer that the British press swills around in.

If you want to know why a party that has formed a British government believes it can simply lie to the British public and act against the interests of the British public then you need look no further than its relationships with the media and the lack of oversight of any vestige of those relationships. They began to sprout under Thatcher, were brought to absolute power under Blair and his ‘spin doctors’ and we are wading through the evidence of their unchecked destructiveness now. Just as unregulating the banks led to the financial disasters, the lack of proper press oversight has led us to control of large engines of public opinion and information being in the hands of megalomaniacs and subjected British politics to the vagaries of their political egos.

Indulging the whims and biases of the sorts of people who pursue undemocratic power has never led to positive results for societies and we have a large political strata only too happy to crown them king, both on the Right and fighting to regain control of the Left from Corbyn’s leadership. History is littered with the price paid by societies indulging the arrogance of despotic imbeciles whose greatest achievements have singularly included self-service.

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