Tories pulling the trigger but Corbyn being fitted up to carry the can and the public keep on getting screwed over.

One of the problems with today’s society in Britain, democracy in Britain, is that we (the general public) take no responsibility for it. Instead, we have become used to handing over our political responsibility every 5 years to someone and then we disengage (apart from paying for everything done in our names). Right now we are staring down the barrels of ‘brexit’ and, if we oppose it, we want an ‘opposition’ to make it stop.

Generally, we haven’t even bothered ourselves to understand the processes involved, we just want someone else to make all that boring crap work. That’s what we pay them for, right? I oppose ‘brexit’ so I expect that the ‘opposition’ have to make that happen for me. By ‘opposition’ I mean the not government which, right now, is Labour. Labour have to make it stop for me. It doesn’t matter that the Tories have a majority in Parliament and cannot be outvoted. Maybe, just maybe, people like me should have been badgering Conservative MPs for the months since Leave won the referendum over Britain’s membership of the EU. Maybe I should have been forcing Conservative MPs to understand that I am really not happy with their handling of this entire EU referendum thing. What do you think? No? Just Labour’s responsibility?

How many people have even read the bill that the Tories are putting through Parliament to give Theresa May the authority to trigger Article 50? How many people understand what happens after May triggers Article 50? How many people are remotely interested in the internal party politics that have been hamstringing Labour since 2007? How many care? Frankly, I don’t blame people for not looking into these things. Generally, they’re as dull as ditch water and we do pay people to deal with it so we don’t have to. But when shit is not going the way you want/like, it might be time to get yourself informed.

If you think the matter of triggering Article 50 is just about triggering Article 50 then you are grossly underestimating how onion-like politics is. Think about what you think you know about politics and then indulge me.

If you are not happy about Britain leaving the EU, who has brought Britain to point where we are now? Whose referendum was it? In the wake of a result that the government had no contingency for, no plan for, and not even a definition for who did not admit the folly of continuing as if the result was anything other than advisory?

Now, ask yourself who do you blame? Where is your animosity directed?

If it is towards the Tories then good, that’s where it belongs. Not just because I support Labour or that I oppose the Tories but because that is where responsibility for this entire mess starts and finishes. But what if you really want to blame Labour? What if you REALLY want to blame Jeremy Corbyn? I’d ask you why? Really have a think about why you are directing your blame towards Jeremy Corbyn or Labour? Where does that come from? Why would you feel that you should direct responsibility of ‘brexit’ towards Jeremy Corbyn? Labour had nothing to do with the Tories promising their EU referendum, Corbyn had nothing to do with the Tories going ahead with the referendum or the timetable for it. Corbyn had no control over the media during the campaigning, had no control over the campaign run by the Tory government. Go back and watch Corbyn’s many speeches for Remain, you probably didn’t see many during the campaigns because he was sidelined by the media. Corbyn didn’t peddle the lies and bullshine of Cameron or Johnson, of Osborne or Gove. The media let the people of Britain down massively, why aren’t you pointing the finger at them … well, they’ve helped to get you to point it at Corbyn instead. You want to know how you’re being screwed over by a biased media, google it, it won’t tell you long to find your own evidence for it.

Skip forward to today and the Tories will vote through their bill for triggering Article 50 and watch how the media make the story about it somehow being Corbyn’s responsibility. I wonder how long before the general public begin to question why they are being told to lay responsibility at Corbyn’s feet and why it is his leadership that should be under threat, even after the past week that Theresa May has had. Why is it that the polls continually have May leading? Do people REALLY believe it is because Corbyn is actually doing stuff so bad that people prefer May? It’s so credible that they should write their results down the side of a bus. The public can keep on accepting this crap or they can start making the connection that the constant since 2010 is that the Tories have been in government, screwing us over, and we have accepted the undermining of the opposition, even as we expect the opposition to sort out the Tories shit for us.

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