Tories’ Crusade To Privatise Public Spending Costing Taxpayers Dear

The cost of the Tories’ crusade to transfer taxpayers’ wealth to the 5% knows no bounds and the Tories will give it no quarter. In privatising the welfare benefits system, the Tories have imposed a wave of stringent cuts and sanctions against welfare recipients that have taken Britain back to the 19th Century and the world of workhouses and paupers’ graves. I fully expect that, with household debt at unmanageable levels, we will see a re-imagined “debtors’ prisons” introduced so that seasonal workers ejected in the wake of Britain leaving the EU can be replaced by British serfs. Public spending on Welfare has not diminished, it fact it has increased, because the companies who now run the welfare system are milking off profits that far exceed any ‘efficiencies’ or ‘savings’ (to be clear, ‘efficiencies’ and ‘savings’ within the welfare system constitute sanctioning benefit recipients and making them destitute). Just as the cost of administering student loans costs British taxpayers more than simply awarding grants and having no tuition fees, the privatisation of Welfare is costing British taxpayers more than the sanctions and welfare cuts save and it is true across the board of public spending.

The fragmentation of public services has led to an unmanageable mess and the lack of oversight makes it rife with fraud and, ironically, inefficiency. The Tories worship of the idol of privatisation has led it to focus purely on how to transfer public wealth to privateers, how to obfuscate their actions and the costs, and they don’t care how services are run or what the public’s experience of the services is. In their fire sale politics, the Tories have not only given away Britain’s crown jewels, they have poisoned the wells and scorched the earth.

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