If the Tories are as bad as some say why don’t you know it?

The Tories have been appalling in government and Theresa May has been personally terrible but why don’t more people seem to know?

David Cameron introduced gagging laws to prevent charities from informing the public of the harm be meted out through Tory policies. So, when Theresa May lies about how much she always intended to consult charities over the cap for social care that the Tories had resolutely dismissed in their manifesto, the charities concerned cannot dispute what she is saying or correct the lies being peddled about the impact of proposed policies, including the impact of cutting the Winter Fuel Allowance.

The media simply do not report it. It’s obvious but it really is that simple. Most people do not the time or inclination to trawl around to find information about the things the Tories propose or have done in government, they rely on the headlines to give them the gist of what is happening and that is where organisations like BBC News can be exceptionally misleading. Issues that people like myself are only too aware of and informed about slide under the radar of a majority of people because they just aren’t inclined to be that engaged. When people like myself raise the issues publicly, we all know that allegations of ‘abuse’ or ‘conspiracy theory’ ‘tin foil hat’ start to be bandied about. But you would be amazed about how many people do not know that this past Conservative government were accused by the United Nations of systematic human rights abuses against people with disabilities or of stripping children of their rights.

The public know things like the NHS are in a terrible state but they seem to think that it is inevitable and not specifically as a result of Tory actions. Likewise schools, prisons, the Police, Ambulance Service, and Fire Service. The Tory line is that these services are stretched to breaking despite them investing “record sums”. It is the job of Britain’s single public broadcaster to provide the public with coverage of these issues which is accurate and fair and BBC News has systematically failed to live up to that very basic standard. But why?

David Cameron appointed key personnel into BBC News, all of whom have floated over from Rupert Murdoch or the other Tory press. It is clear that these key personnel within BBC News are content to prop up a political party who abuse the most vulnerable in society.

So the Tories have gagged organisations who could refute the Tory policies and claims and the Tories have gerrymandered Britain’s single public broadcaster’s news department to skew its output, both to deceive the British public.

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