Tony Blair versus the 95%: The latest round.

Britain’s ‘establishment’ are petrified that the British people will elect a government acting in the interests of the 95% in reaction to a Tory government that has been robbing Britain blind in the interests of the 5%. The latest round of attack sees the disgraced former prime minister, Tony Blair versus the 95%.

tony blair versus the 95% crony Tony

Tony Blair has announced that Labour voters should consider voting Tory if the Tory candidate says they are against the Tory ‘hard brexit’. It is a line of attack against Labour that sides with the LibDems running on a Remain ticket, promising a second referendum that they are not expected to be in a position to deliver, whilst ruling out a coalition with Labour but not ruling out a coalition with the Tories. Also in the wings is an initiative for tactical voting, purportedly to combat the Tory ‘hard brexit’ but that could well actually be targeting Labour seats for LibDem candidates. All in all, serious moves to split the Labour vote, which could empower the Tories back into power, either through another majority government or another LibDem coalition.

Britain’s politico-media caste ‘establishment’ are terrified of a British government led by a figure who will not act in their interests and who will, instead, act in the interests of people like me and the other fifty odd million other people in Britain like me.

tony blair versus the 95% tony's cronies

Tony Blair has been quite open about his opposition to a Corbyn led Labour party, as have Blair’s co-conspirators during the New Labour years, Mandelson, Campbell and McTernan. Blair’s ridiculous statement about ‘tactical’ voting flies in the face of Labour’s actual position on negotiations with the EU, and that is no more coincidence than his announcements ahead of the recent Stoke and Copeland by-elections, designed to undermine the Labour vote at a crucial moment. Long time associate of pariah to Britain’s democracy, Rupert Murdoch, Blair wishes to see Labour returned to the Red side of the Blue Tory coin, to ensure continuity in government for the 5%.

The Tories fumbled their way to ‘brexit’ and some are attempting to use that disaster and the confusion surrounding it as a means of denying Britain a government acting in the interests of the 95%. It is likely the British media will fail Britons once again in their coverage of Tony Blair versus the 95%, making 2017 an election against a Corbyn led Labour and, in the process, empowering the Tories to continue just as they are with their ‘brexit’. All but one ‘remain’ Tory MP has voted with their Tory government over ‘brexit’ despite them, unlike Labour, actually being in a position to halt or alter the path of ‘brexit’. We are to genuinely believe that voting for ‘remain’ Tories is better than voting for Labour over ‘brexit’? Just how stupid do they think we are?

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