Theresa May: The ‘caretaker’ leader for the Tories until after Article 50 is triggered and then…

Speculation has begun for just how long Theresa May will survive in the role of Prime Minister after she has walked triggering Article 50 through the gates. In many ways, Theresa May is a caretaker for the Tory leadership (you know, like one of those caretakers in Scooby Doo … and she would have got away with it too if it wasn’t for you damn kids). I know speculation has begun because I have begun it.

The question is, who next?

Presumably it will be one of Murdoch’s chosen ones. Michael Gove? Seems improbable, I’ll grant you, impossible, laughable, frightening even but Gove’s one of Murdoch’s … is there a noun for what those people are in Murdoch’s circle/coven/orbit? Nicky Morgan’s being generally keeping her head down and does a passable human bean impersonation and she was a Gove acolyte.

We can pretty much eliminate any of May’s current cabinet. Ever been like me and wondered about the dearth of talent in May’s cabinet, why it was across the board second string hitters? I’d always presumed it was a sign of May’s unpopularity within her own party but maybe they all knew it was a poisoned chalice, a black hole from which none of their careers would emerge. How else can you explain the defibrillator being applied to the disgraced Liam Fox’s career?

Talk is always of how unelectable Jeremy Corbyn is, how he can never win a general election. We’ve been told from day one that he doesn’t want the job, doesn’t want to be Prime Minister. Ever wondered why? No one has any confidence that Theresa May could win a general election. There are very good reasons why Theresa May had to win the leadership of the Tories unopposed and her appalling performances during PMQs are just a taste of why. She isn’t just an appalling statesperson, though she is undoubtedly that, she isn’t just an ex terrible Home Secretary, she’s a hapless leader; how often have we had to listen to Downing Street clarifying that this minister or that was not speaking for the government?

Ruth Harrison, the leader of the Scottish Conservatives, has long been heralded as a potential for the big seat and has been distant enough from the current administration to be considered a fresh hat thrown into the ring. I’ve heard her speak on poverty at a Rowntree event and she is just the same old terrible Tory. There is no love for her in Scotland but then, as a Tory, popularity is not how her success is judged. I don’t doubt Harrison née Davidson has a warchest of complementary press clippings with which to substantiate a run at the leadership. She has made a habit of making an absolute arse of herself in Holyrood though.

So, who does Rupert Murdoch want in Number 10 once Theresa May has fulfilled her role, triggered Article 50 and run out of energy to maintain her Prime Minister illusion? It’s slim pickings. Who is standing off in the wings, ready to leap on the stage for an encore?

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