Theresa May’s New PMQs Low Attacking Corbyn’s Child

How low can Theresa May go?

An appalling new low from Theresa May during today’s PMQs, using the child of the opposition leader to deflect from answering questions over the Tories’ ill-judged plans to divert funding from the Education budget to their ridiculous plans to regurgitate the failed notion of Grammar schools. Even compared with previous levels of bullying, obfuscation, deceit and arrogance from the dispatch box, May’s outburst today must rank as one of the worst offenses from a British prime minister, dragging that office into the gutter and May beneath contempt.

We have witnessed the hysterical spite from David Cameron at Jeremy Corbyn and Cameron’s schoolyard bullying but, even for the Tories, May has descended to a shameful low.


Theresa May’s performances during prime minister’s questions have been, universally, appalling; culminating in the farcical dry heaving that we were subjected to a couple of weeks ago. I wondered at the time where May could go from accepting the public humiliation of her exaggerated shoulder gyrations rather than facing the scrutiny that actually answering the questions being posed to her. Last week we found out that May has nothing with which to provide substantive responses and has accepted the humiliation of flatly refusing to answer questions. This week May has tried a different tact and will be saved by the tragic events that have sadly unfolded outside of Westminster.

In May the Tories have found a level beneath the bottom of the barrel

theresa may spiteDragging the child of another politician into a debate would be bad enough but to have a scripted response that attempts to use another politician’s child as a means to deflect attention away from the fact that you are, once again, refusing to answer a question about the conduct of your party is beyond the pale.

Theresa May is a gross embarrassment to her office in a way that even David Cameron could not compare.

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