There is something rotten in the state of Labour and British democracy has been placed in the firing line.

Time for Corbyn’s leadership to declare martial law in the Labour party.

Can you imagine the headlines?

Even as I typed the line I could see how it could be seized upon as an example of how ‘lunatic’ and ‘thick as pig shit’ ‘Corbynistas’ are; conspiracy theory whack jobs, who an of fringe interest MP like Jamie Reed might dismiss with a comment about ‘bacofoil’.

It is clear to anyone who wishes to look that elements of the NEC, led and endorsed by the General Secretary Iain McNicol, are culling potential voters. New members were already culled in the infamous off diary meeting involving the Deputy Leader of the Labour party, Tom Watson. New applicants are being culled with spurious excuses given or simply having their fees returned with no comment. One can only presume that those who have simply had their fees returned have not turned up any spurious reasons to be rejected so will those rejecting them claim an admin error as explanation? Existing members are being suspended and expelled, subject to appeal.

Where a member has been accused of an act which McNicol has signed off as sufficient to expel or suspend them, an accusation will have been made and investigated and sufficient grounds for expelling or suspending them found? That would be the correct procedure, within Labour rules and due process. So, all those members being labeled as having acted against the Labour party by McNicol, especially those with a professional connection to being a part of Labour, a part of its membership, might argue that their reputations and livelihoods have been affected by the decision. Imagine if you lost your job because your integrity as a Labour party member matters. Imagine if, in future employment checks, the fact that you were expelled or suspended from the Labour party was uncovered and counted against you. Such a matter shouldn’t be taken lightly. I presume McNicol has considered this in every case where he has expelled or suspended a Labour party member.

There is something rotten within Labour and this really is the time when the Leadership must exercise whatever authority is has to root it out. Personally, the leadership election has become so corrupted that I cannot see how it can be conducted with any assurance that it is fair and should be scrapped pending an investigation. It is very possible that criminal acts have occurred, acts against data protection laws, internal breeches of Labour rules. The leadership should begin an internal investigation to uncover just what has transpired and who is involved.

If forces are attempting to disrupt and corrupt one of Britain’s leading political parties, disrupting and corrupting British democracy, then a stand must be taken. We would expect no less from regimes around the world, should we not expect the same in our own country?

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