The Tin Foil Coup: The Rebirth or death of Labour?

The Tin Foil Coup: Keeping your ‘coup’ fresher and it’s recyclable.

Once again, with the Tories on the ropes, Labour’s ‘wreckers’ step up and force Labour to take one for the Tories. What a depressingly familiar reaction by certain elements of Labour that, whenever the Tories undermine themselves with their sleaze and incompetence, threatening to hand the current Labour leadership a boost to their public perception, Tin Foil Tom Watson will bravely leap atop the battlements and wave his sabre about with the intention to cut Labour’s legs out from under it. The Tin Foil Coup sponsored by Nazi whiplash party maestro Max Mosley?

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Tom Watson, deputy leader of the Labour Party has spent the last couple of days peddling his commentary of a recording of, cloak and dagger organisation, Momentum’s ‘super secret – hush hush’ plan, at a public meeting, to over run control of Labour by encouraging members of the party to be active in Labour’s democratic circles. The last person to suggest a similar thing was probably Luke Akehurst and I’m sure Tin Foil Tom was similarly outraged at the idea.

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So What’s The Skinny?

What’s all the fuss about?

If you’re a Labour member or a member of the general electorate, why should you be bothered to get informed about yet another self-inflicted shot in the ass?

Labour has an embedded clique in its democratic structures who attract very little support from the membership or the party as a whole but they are positioned into key areas of power which dictate a great deal of how Labour can function. If those people had to face a democratic judgement of their positions they would lose and their little clique would lose its disproportionate influence within Labour. In short, if Labour’s ‘wreckers’ fear anything more than Labour forming a government under Corbyn’s leadership, it is democracy.

Would that be good or bad for Labour?

Labour’s public perception is suffering because the small clique is hellbent on tearing the party apart, at any price, to regain control. Emboldened by resources unreflective of their ideological support within Labour, their sense of entitlement has corrupted their thinking and corrupts Labour. Removed from their current offices, Labour could begin to function as an effective party and redeem its public perception as an effective opposition.

Just when Labour needs to be circling its wagons ready for an upcoming election, Labour’s ‘wreckers’ do the only thing that they do and now we have the Tin Foil Coup.

Rebirth or Death?

Tin Foil Tom Watson as singled out by John McTernan for being the hatchet man that Labour’s parasites needed to bring the Party back under their control. For all that McTernan praised Watson for he has, without any doubt or by any measure, not delivered. Labour have released a ‘joint’ statement blah blah blahing about party unity but who really cares. Labour will survive or fall because its democratic structures are made robust enough to not permit likes of the Tin Foil Coup from affecting public perception and they’re failing. The only people who can take a lead of righting Labour’s ship are the PLP and they are being decidedly ineffective. Sure, everyone and their dog will pass the buck onto the Corbyn leadership but only those who don’t have a grasp of how Labour is organised and where the influence and power lies but that crap.

The public see a political party destroying itself and will not trust it to vote for it. The only thing that will restore public confidence would be understanding of Labour’s internal struggles and a very public gutting of those who have openly traduced the current leadership. Labour didn’t learn from its defeat in 2010 or 2015 and can’t heal and won’t be permitted to move forward by those who orchestrated both defeats. The PLP either take the stand for the party now, publicly denounce the ‘wreckers’, oust those form office facilitating and protecting Labour’s destructive forces or they need to mount a better campaign than has been currently mounted to get rid of the current leadership.

Tom Watson has managed to facilitate a stalemate of incompetence in his role as deputy leader, supported by the equally incompetent Iain McNicol. If the PLP won’t stand with the current leadership then I’d advise they get more effective people into the roles currently occupied by Tupperware Tom and (can’t even be bothered to come up with a nickname for McNicol, he’s so inconsequential) McNicol. The only thing Watson has been hatcheting is any electability Labour has.

If the PLP want to stand against the party membership and not stand with the leadership then get on with it. The pathetic mewing from the usual faces of the ‘wreckers’ and their inability to effectively achieve anything other than spoiling Labour election chances has been duly noted. If you want to side with them then go all out and find someone, anyone, who can effectively lead an opposition against the leadership. Watson and McNicol are not it, just place-keepers until someone effective comes along. Everyday the idiot ‘wreckers’ chip away at Labour the more likely it is that Labour will spin into absolute decline when the time comes.

And what for Labour’s membership? Be prepared to be deeply disappointed with rubbishness of British politics. Labour is either going to be reborn or it is going to slowly slide into a warm bath and a cold sharp edge.


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