The Times They Are For Changing: If not now, when?

The current Tory party are so bereft of talent that our politico-media class wish to replace them. On a certain level, I believe that the Tories know they are inadequate and desire to be put out of their misery. The “powers that be”, the “kingmakers”, the “arbiters of the political crown” wish very much to bestow the laurels on an anointed one but there is a hitch.

Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyn, if given the keys to the kingdom, has every intention of tackling inequality in Britain. Corbyn has every intention of turning the clock back on the experiment of neoliberalism, which has failed society while it has profited the few it was always ever designed for. Corbyn wants to fight for better lives for the majority of the population and the “gate keepers” believe it is heresy.

They do not like him; don’t you see…

They could not, would not, like him on a boat.
 They will not, will not, like him with a goat.
 They will not like him in the rain.
 They will not like him on a train (especially not on a train).
 Not in the dark! Not in a tree! 
 Not in a car! You let them be! 
 They do not like him in a box.
 They do not like him with a fox.
 They will not like him in a house.
 They do not like him with a mouse.
 They do not like him here or there.
 They do not like him ANYWHERE!

Our self-appointed kingmakers only want to hand over the political reins to someone who will not rock the boat. Most especially, they don’t want a popular figure in charge who will stop the redistribution of wealth from passing to the wealthy. Can you imagine? If a Prime Minister started introducing policies which helped the 95% of us, if such a person showed that concentrating the nation’s wealth into the offshore bank accounts of the 5% hinders our economy and doesn’t help it? Can you imagine?

Of course, Corbyn is too radical. You can’t have democracy taken over by the plebs, that just wouldn’t do. There are badgers to cull and foxes to hunt and British resources and assets to give away to the world’s 5%. If the plebs were permitted to elect someone like Corbyn, where would it end?

So the “powers that be” say no and people in Labour, who care not for democracy, tear their hair out at the rank stupidity of the party members who simply won’t do as they are told. They keep screaming that Corbyn is unelectable but they never really say why. It’s all sewn up you see.

But then democracy happens anyway and, like Michael Fish reassuring us that there would not be hurricanes, the “powers that be” don’t always have the first idea what they’re talking about.