The Strange Case of Swindlers and Swindon Councillors

What strange times we live in. We have the usual ramblings of ‘celebrities’ who, in fairness to them, have no control over the attention afforded them by the public. Tony Robinson, the much cherished Baldrick of Black Adder fame and Tony Robinson of Time Team fame, rather embarrassing himself with his ill-informed political opinions. We also have a person who became a councillor in Swindon on the Labour ticket has decided that Labour no longer serves his political viewpoint and that Theresa Mayhem’s Tory party is a better fit.

I’ve spoken previously on my lack of interest in celebrity political musings so I won’t spend any more time on it but I do find the case of Matthew Courtliff quite interesting. He won his seat on the council five months ago and has been won over to the Tory party. Theresa May is working hard to follow in the slime trail of her immediate predecessor, David Cameron, who was recently voted the third worst Prime Minister in post war history. While the media laughably attempt to portray May as a reformer of the Tory party into a liberal social warm blanket, no sane person in Britain could have missed the goose step from neoliberalism towards neofacism that May’s leadership has ushered in. The bizarre incident during May’s Conservative party conference, where she attempted to suggest that Labour had been awarded the Tories Life Time achievement award for nastiest party, is one standout moment if you want to overlook the fetid racist, bigoted, xenophobic rantings of a party dwarfed by the magnitude of its utter clusterfudge of the EU Referendumb.

For anyone who has professed to be a person of a Labour leaning to suggest that Theresa May represents their political idyll is very, how shall we say, weird.

The current Tory leadership, with Theresa May as its figurehead, is scrambling to force through as much privatisation of the NHS as possible, along with every other piece of legislation to rob British taxpayers of assets and wealth as they can get away with before they implode and/or the British public march on Westminster and administer the Mussolini ending to their tenure in office. The Tories are turning Britain toxic in Europe, making us a mockery in the eyes of the world, and are the festering gangrenous appendage that is poisoning the lifeblood of Britain. The filth that mires our current government should not be underestimated and they are demonstrating a talent for dripping beneath the levels of sleaze that even they must have thought they could never surpass. The Conservatives are currently a party bracing itself against the moderates in their own party from cleaving them apart. This is the party that have provided Matthew Courtliff his Road to Damascus moment.

What do we know of Courtliff? Have Progress been involved? I’m sure our press won’t be looking too closely. Is it all a cunning plan or a cunning stunt or is Courtliff just a stunning ..?

Update: Stranger yet, reports that Courtliff has said that he has not defected to the Tories and it was all just a big misunderstanding. Very odd (as are the media reports about the affair). Someone not quite getting their statement correct when intending to just smear the party leadership? People playing politics who aren’t really up to the job? Suspect that that should be one political career down the pan, flush twice to be sure.

Whatever Matthew Courtliff thought he was doing, or whomever briefed him into doing it, it is clear that he got it all wrong. Quite how such a person remains in the Labour family is certainly eyebrow raising and, I suspect that we have not heard all the details of this little episode or of who was behind it.

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