The State Of The Tory Party: Nasty Party to the nth degree

The Conservative party are on their knees. David Cameron won the leadership of his party back in 2005 on a ticket of being the blue’er Tony Blair; he was the broom to sweep through the changes of the Nasty Party and drag it out of the 19th Century. David Cameron is arguably the worst Prime Minister in post war British history and one of the worst Prime Ministers of all and any time. Not only did David Cameron fail to drag his own Nasty Party out of the 19th Century cocoon his administration has degraded Britain to the role of pariah within Europe, a laughing stock around the world, and subjected the people of Britain to the cruel and economically barbarous measures of a program of Austerity that has seen an unprecedented transfer of wealth from the British state to the wealthiest 5%. History will hold David Cameron as the craven king spiv of British Politics, with a court of spivs, shills, hucksters, and shams.

In Cameron’s wake, we have Theresa May. The best that can be said of Theresa May is that she appears to be the best that the Tory party has to offer Britain. Sadly, what Theresa May appears to have to offer sits within the shadow of the terminally incompetent craven David Cameron. A party leader so weak that she was forced to unsack Jeremy Hunt by order of those in the shadows. A party leader so weak she has had to promote politicians like Liz Truss because she has so few people within her own party that she can think of as allies. A party leader so weak that she had to rehire the likes of disgraced MPs Liam Fox, Boris Johnson and the most toxic politician in British politics Michael Gove. A Prime Minister so weak that she has felt compelled to double down on the error of David Cameron and rally to the racist and bigoted trumpet of Nigel Farage’s UKip in an attempt to bolster electorate support. Where Britain shook its fist at the fascists, May and the Tories now shake hands.

In every area of public life Britain is showing the strain of indulging the incompetence of the Tories successively hapless leaderships. Britain is reaching breaking point and the tinpot thinkers that have usurped control of the Conservative party are hellbent on busting Britain in their continued attempts to make the most of the boom time for the 5%. Be under no illusion, the Tories are conducting a fire sale blitzkrieg of Britain that is scraping its teeth down the bones and sucking out the marrow and they intend to use Parliamentary Privilege to protect themselves from criminal prosecution in the future. Attacks on the judiciary now are not just because the judiciary are applying the law where it pertains to Britain leaving the EU.

Right now, Theresa May’s leadership is floundering and those who are even worse in the Tories are lining themselves up to take over. A third Tory leader by the end of the year or, at least, before next April to lead the Tories into a snap called general election? The Tory party are out of their depth and drowning in the wake of their own calamitous decision to present Britain with the ill-considered and unprepared for referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU, they have no one of the caliber needed to lead Britain through and out of the mess of Britain’s disentanglement with the European Union and they lack the minds to break with their self-serving politics. The Tories are ideologically incapable of leading Britain out of the EU in any way that doesn’t seek to place the interests of the 5% first and it is breaking Britain at its very core.

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