The soft play coup, does Britain need to criminalise the undermining of British democracy?

The statement reportedly by John McDonnell about Labour’s ‘soft coup’ has been used by the media to fuel a scoffing campaign. We’re back to people calling out the media and ‘plotters’ for bias and scheming being labeled ‘foil hat wearers’, paranoid loons. It’s all in the tone of the reporting. The public are encouraged to see a statement about a soft coup as a sign that those being subjected to it are paranoid. Don’t believe a word of it, even as we spend acres of newsprint and web space doing exactly the thing that we’re being accused of.

Then there’s the far more sinister aspect of such a ‘soft coup’ than simply having Britain’s democracy undermined by a handful of politico-media types. Social media. There are reports from social media that new accounts are springing up, registered from all manner of parts of the world, that are taking to the social media airwaves with a single message; ‘Corbyn should resign’. It’s not a new ‘strategy’. A very unsophisticated version of it happened during the leadership campaigns last year, when bulk accounts were set up that cut and pasted the exact same message in support of Owen Smith. It was transparent and became embarrassing. The new line now might be more thought through.

The simple idea is to set up social media accounts that ingratiate themselves into social media circles and try and chip away at the support of the Labour leadership. Some will likely be sympathetic to Corbyn, some hostile, but their message will boil down to the same thing ‘Corbyn should resign’. The accounts act in many ways. Often new accounts, usually with few followers and few tweets, save for anti-Corbyn ones. Get enough of them online and the media can screengrab them and hold them up as evidence of Corbyn’s waning popularity. The objective of the accounts is to undermine the leadership’s support because the membership are key to leadership change.

The sinister aspect of these sorts of accounts and their activity comes in their role as agitators of online bullying. One of the desired goals of the people who operate these types of social media accounts is to throw chum in the waters so that the internet’s famed troll community smell blood and create a feeding frenzy. Orchestrating thousands of fake accounts and creating a fake storm on the internet would be time consuming and easily proved to be false. Far better to inject some hatred into a community, trigger troll abuse and then step back as it virally spreads. The social media aspect of the ‘soft coup’ exists.

Is there any truth to anti-Corbyn spin being implemented in the media? One amusing example I found was in the Financial Times reporting of McDonnell’s ‘soft coup’ statement.

So, even when there is no criticism coming out of Labour against the leadership to report, the story is twisted to pretend that there would be, if only MPs felt free to do so. What utter cobblers. Imagine being the reporter (or editor who ‘edited’ the story after it was submitted). Apart from being pathetic, it’s hilarious the extent the media go to to feed the negative narrative about Corbyn. The only MPs briefing against Labour are that miserable band of Mandelson-esque minions, the rest of the PLP must be thoroughly sick and tired of them. Why was it important for the media to rubbish the idea of a ‘soft coup’? Because they want to see it succeed.

The public should know what is carrying on in the background of British politics. The ‘un-named’ sources quoted undermining the Labour leadership are a very small number of people. So few MPs are playing the game of ‘leaking’ against the leadership that ‘reporters’ are having to turn to ex ministers to substantiate their ‘fake news’ fairy tales. I think the public will be interested to know all the names of those undermining Britain’s opposition, I think they’ll be surprised at how few people are required to corrupt Britain’s democracy. The money spent will be of interest too. It is my view that those involved should be faced with criminal responsibility for their actions. Britain needs to end the ‘game’ of politics because real people’s lives and being really ruined and Labour’s ‘plotters’ are responsible.

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