The Rotten Core of Labour: A time for honourable MPs to stand.

Remember back in June when there was a vote of no confidence of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, supported by 172 MPs? A sign of Corbyn’s lack of popularity in Labour’s Parliamentary Party? Hmm, maybe not so much. It is being reported that, now Corbyn has been given a second mandate to lead, MPs are being bullied into not rejoining the party to begin the overdue fightback against the Tories. Those who want to wrest control of Labour from the leadership are pressuring their colleagues into further impotence as a method of pressuring Corbyn into handing them control over the selection of the shadow cabinet. Surely it is time for Labour’s honourable MPs to take a stand against the wreckers?

What level of pressure is being exerted on Labour MPs by the wreckers? It is hard to imagine but Pat Glass not only resigned from a role in the shadow cabinet as Education Secretary but also made clear that she would not be standing again as an MP for Labour in a future general election. What sort of “colleagues” are they that bully their fellow MPs to the point that they cannot stomach serving alongside them and remaining as MPs?

Corbyn has already stated that he has wiped the slate and I would hope that true Labour MPs can see that, whatever the rotten core of Labour may be saying, they will be rejoining a Labour party to fight alongside a committed leadership, membership, CLPs and, soon to be, NEC. Corbyn is committed to strengthening the members involvement with the party and I would hope that the MPs see that the strength of the members, who have fought to resist the wreckers, is there for them too.

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