The Remain Lie: Why voters are being pressed to ignore party politics.

The general election on the 8th June 2017 is an opportunity for Britain to turn the clocks forward from the 1800s that the Tories have U-turned them back to but Britain must overcome the Remain Lie. The election is an opportunity.

The Remain Lie is being constructed thus:

A fundamental aspect of the Remain Lie is that it seeks to award the Tories a pass for their ‘brexit’. People should be under absolutely no illusions that those solely responsible for ‘brexit’ are the Tories, from inception to the disastrous negotiating position Britain currently languishes in, with support from the negligence or complicity of Britain’s compromised or compromising media.

The disgraced former prime minister Tony Blair has made a statement to the effect that Labour voters should consider voting for Tory candidates if those Tories support Remain. All but one Tory MP voted with their Tory government for the ‘hard brexit’ we now face. Labour’s MPs were never in a position to challenge the government’s position or their ‘brexit’ because the Tories have a majority in Parliament but Tory Remain MPs could have applied genuine, significant and decisive pressure to steer the government away from its ‘hard brexit’ position, but they voted with their government instead. Tory MPs, even those purporting to be Remain supporters.

the remain lie May

Why would former Labour prime ministers, even disgraced ones who a great many people feel should be tried for war crimes, encourage voters to vote for the party responsible for human rights abuses, the current state of the NHS, Education, social care, and so on? Voting for Tory MPs is clearly not a way to avoid the Tory ‘hard brexit’.

  • For all of the abuses by the Tories, they are committed to enriching the wealthiest in society.
  • The wealthiest in society are content to pay shills who will represent their interests.
  • The Labour Party is currently led by people who are not prepared to sacrifice the interests of the 95%, in favour of the 5%.

The best interests of British voters will be served by the Labour Party, Remain or Leave. The only way to defend Britain against the Tory ‘hard brexit’ is to vote the Tories out of government and that means completely out of government . That means no repeat of 2010 and a coalition between the Tories and the LibDems. The LibDems have already stated they will not form a coalition with Labour but have notably not said the same of the Tories.

So, yes, people should vote tactically in the upcoming election. People should vote to oust the Tories. That might mean voting LibDem in seats where there would be a tactical advantage in voting for a LibDem candidate to remove an incumbent Tory or to protect an incumbent LibDem. But do not fall for the Remain Lie. Splitting the Labour vote only strengthens the Tory position and repeating the 2010 coalition between the Tories and the LibDems will not provide a miracle Remain cure.

To not risk a Tory LibDem coalition, better vote Green than LibDem, if Labour unlikely to beat them but mainly focus on voting to oust the Tories.

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