The pantomime of politics. The politics of Wah!

Rather like the weeks that the “plotters” dragged on and on in pursuit of the holy grail of Corbyn’s resignation, I’d say the party membership are already bored of the mudslinging coming from the challenger’s camp; now, as then, the membership would just like to get on and vote. Incessant Wah! from various MPs and anonymous and/or recently started social media accounts drip dripping facsimiles of word for word scripted support for Smith and diatribes against Corbyn and the party membership. Partly intended to provoke reactions from leadership supporters so that attempts can be made to exclude them from the vote and partly because it’s the only strategy they have and they don’t know what else to do. Life is tough when you’re a social media guru.

Amidst the Wah! Genuine party members with genuine concerns about the party leadership and Labour’s future. Amidst the Wah! Genuine MPs with genuine concerns about the party leadership and Labour’s future. Genuine discussions to be had, genuine consensus to be thrashed out, ground to be conceded and shared, but all lost within the falsehood, deceit, mistrust and acrimony of the Wah!

The “coup” (now the Wah!) was staged by the “plotters” (now the Wah!) by a faction within Labour who had become isolated from the genuine power within the party a long time ago, their ideological base dead but not buried. They just won’t move on, either ideologically or from Labour. Entrenched and well-funded, they are the thorn in Labour’s side, the stumbling block over which negotiations within Labour cannot proceed. So how does Labour proceed?

There is no step forward that will not be forever brought back by the Wah! Labour will not survive with the Wah! Whatever MPs thoughts about Corbyn’s leadership I am sure that they have no doubts that he is a leader of the party at this time and when it is time for him to move on he will do so. The Wah! thought they could simply bully him into betraying the mandate he had been given by the party membership, they were wrong, but that does not mean he has plans to become entrenched in the leadership indefinitely. Corbyn was given a mandate and he is trying to live up to it and take the party with him. The party membership want their MPs to be part of that.

Labour needs to get back to working as a party, it needs to put the pantomime behind it. Sure, it may upset a few wealthy individuals who feel they should be kowtowed to behind the scenes but there’s not much can be done about them, Labour needs to move on. The party membership have a leadership they trust, talking a politics that they believe in, and we’re bored of the Wah! already.

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