The Greatest Story Never Told: How leaving the EU is all your fault.

It’s curious the route the newspapers are taking over defending the calamitous decision to leave the EU without any sort of plan in place. Blame the ‘Remainers’.

Sterling is tanking because the world has no confidence in our incompetent Tory government and they have no confidence because the Tories have set us on this path without the first clue as to what they are doing. The Tories arcane attitudes harking back to days of Empire have turned Britain toxic and their regressive rhetoric has poisoned the well for Britain to have a reasoned debate with our European neighbours and negotiate Britain’s relationships in Europe. All told, Britain, under the Tories, could not be in a worse position to negotiate with Europe and when you look at the idiots we have representing us abroad it is no surprise as to why.

To be clear, what is happening to the British economy right now has nothing to do with the decision by 17 million British people to vote to leave the EU. Britain is becoming the sick man of Europe because we have the most vandalous Tory government in our history. It is ironic that the media barons who rattled the sabre for leaving the EU are now risking their victory being overturned because they will not point the finger of blame for Britain’s current woes where it belongs. Britain’s economy cannot continue to take the battering it currently is for much longer and when we descend into recession and Sterling drops through the floor then everything goes; Brexit, the Tories, our toxic media monopolies, everything.

What comes next? The media barons will not want to relinquish their control of power and so Theresa May and her Cabinet will be thrown to the wolves; to be replaced with a government cobbled together by Michael Gove or some old Tory figurehead dragged out of obscurity. The final tilt of the lance before the weight of the total clusterfudge buckles the legs of the dead horse the Tories have been flogging for decades. Britain’s economy will be in shambles, the carrion picked over. Blame enough for everyone.


Or we can direct the blame where it needs to be right now, at the Tories and the media monopolies, and break them both. Whether people want Britain to leave the EU or not is immaterial; the genie is out of the bottle and Britain needs to renegotiate its relationships within Europe. The current Tory leadership are not fit to do it and, whether people like it or not, Britain needs a progressive, not regressive, government to lead Britain out of the mess we are currently in. Thanks to the Third Way remnants in Labour, the public will have little confidence that Labour can do it alone, so it will take a collaboration of moderate MPs to form a coalition. The fresh start can draw a line under the catastrophic actions of the Tories and can approach Europe with renewed impetus.

I’ve said it before; Britain was rushed into considering our relationship with Europe because of internal Tory party politics. The debate should have lasted an entire Parliament but it didn’t because the Tories put their own interests ahead of Britain’s. It’s an arrogance that has been fostered by their complicit, corrupting, and compromising relationships with the media. People compare the mess of the Tories and their media consorts with the nationalists of 1930s Germany and it is easy to see why. The problems Britain now faces aren’t particularly new and the effects seem pretty universal; always detrimental. Governments and media should be at arm’s length so both can hold the other to account. Britain voting to take the monumental decision to leave the EU presents us with an opportunity to address a great many things wrong with our democracy and politics or we can just choose to slide into a mire of the media and the Tories making.

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