The Great British Slake Off: Your tax dollars at work.

Good morning Great Britain.

You are a pie.

You are not being baked blind, you are being robbed blind.

Your government is holding you up by your ankles and shaking you down for every last farthing.

The costs for George Osborne’s High Speed 2 Rail edifice is spiraling out of control to the tune of £billions. That money is not vaporizing into the ether, it is being paid into the bank accounts of contractors and whomever else has got their nose in the trough. A typical transfer of wealth from taxpayers to private individuals, facilitated by your government. From an initial estimate of £33billion, costs are now expected to be around £80billion. Personally, I think that it will likely be closer to £150billion at the current rates of overspend.

Hilariously, the public are being told that a Trident replacement will cost between £17 and £23billion (£10billion less than HS2). A Trident replacement, over its lifetime, will cost anywhere from £300billion to infinity.

The costs to refurbish Parliament are being estimated at £4billion but that figure will likely be anywhere from 5 to 10 times that amount. Somewhere along the line the refurbishment of Buckingham Palace has been tagged on, so expect the total costs to spiral to nearer £100billion.

The white elephant of Hinkley Point has an estimated construction cost of £18billion and is tipped to be the most costly man made structure on the planet. It will be so expensive that it will never pay for itself within its lifetime and its eventual destruction costs will guarantee that it will have been the greatest folly any nation has undertaken.

And so it goes on, time and time again. These enormously expensive projects are pension funds for the 5% that tie taxpayers into endlessly paying out of an ever decreasing national wealth to an ever decreasing pool of recipients.

When the Tories talk of cutting public spending, they do not mean that they will cut the spending of public money; they mean to cut spending on the public. The flow of wealth from taxpayers to the private sector goes on unabated, even while the taxpaying public are increasingly forced into ever higher personal household debt, reliance on foodbanks, higher levels of in-work poverty, homelessness, job and home insecurity, and afflicted by higher rates of suicide.

British taxpayers spend over £200billion a year on the NHS and Education (about a third of total public spending) and it is the Tory’s ‘Long term economic plan’ to direct as much of that money as is possible into the private sector. For every 0.1% of that money that is redirected, quality of life for British taxpayers drops in direct proportion to the profits that diminish the public services that we are paying for.

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