The Fox in the Chicken Soup: Empirically illiterate.

Remember when the biggest fantasist in the British political world was Paul Nuttall of the UKIPs? Sorry, to give him his proper title, Dr Nuttall, ex-pro footballer and survivor of the Bowling Green Massacre, one time resident of Stoke and cloud-cuckoo-land. Well, never let it be said that the Tories are ever happy to let the sun set on a day when they are not the biggest crazy in town.

Disgraced Tory MP Liam Fox set forth his party’s plans to reboot the British Empire yesterday and thought the best way to do that was to send out a cheeky little tweet to his 30k admirers on the twittersphere:

 I’m not saying that Fox is an historically illiterate moron but there were those who suggested as much in reply to his tweet. Mainly, I’ll reserve my judgement on Fox’s political illiteracy. China have got there first Dr Fox. If Britain was going to somehow get the band of colonialism back together then they really aught to have done it decades ago. If the Tories were going to wring new old alliances out of the Commonwealth then why didn’t they do that pre-‘brexit’, if it is so viable? Answer, because it’s not viable. It’s an absolute nonsense.

But, then, I suspect we all know that the Tories know that that’s true. I don’t doubt that there are some backroom Tory fanatics who actually believe that Britain can don its pith helmet and rule the waves again but no one with any sense believes that. The British Empire was dying when it entered the 20th Century and was dead forty years or so in but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a lot of the public who still believe in the fantasy. Talk of empires and crusades plays to an audience who hanker for a Britain that never existed. The British Empire was a collective of individuals who plundered the globe for their personal gain and used the lives of the people of Britain to carve it out and enforce it. Some people talk of the crimes of Britain but it would be more accurate to attribute those crimes to the families that profited from them; household names, High St names, names of famous actors, names of political party ‘donors’, names of politicians and peers.

The Tories’ ill-considered ‘brexit’ has unleased the worst of Britain and it gets even worse every week. Their bleating that it would all be OK if only everyone took leave of their senses and threw themselves over the cliff with them is wearing very thin. The Tories are catastrophic and the only thing keeping them in government is the hatchet job by our media on the opposition and a willingness by the public to accept having the wool pulled over their eyes. It is extraordinary. If the public cannot see that there is a correlation between the liars who have constantly lied about ‘brexit’ and who are the source of why people blame it all on the opposition now, instead of the Tories, then I despair at this country.

Britain’s empire rightly died a century ago, Scotland’s subjugation by England is one of the few remnants, which I hope Scotland has another opportunity to end soon. Great Britain needs to grow up and put aside its childish fantasies.

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