The cost of re-nationalising the railways, prohibitive or not? Not and with an unlikely ally.

Simple answer, ‘not’. One word, ‘tax’.

If you want to return previous public assets back to public ownership, tax it back.

The public does not have to spend £billions to return the railways, utilities, Royal Mail, or the NHS to public ownership, the government simply calls time on the profiteering and introduces tax measures that target those assets that we wish to have returned to us. I know those privateers will make a lot of noise but so what, bottom line, if Britain is a sovereign nation, then we can set taxes as we see fit. The privateers have had a good run, they’ve robbed us of £billions already, let’s not hear sour grapes because the trough is moved away.

Maybe nobody told them but we’re of a mind to take back control.

While we’re at it, tax land ownership.

All that land in the UK historically ‘owned’ by the Church, by people like the Duke of Westminster etc, tax it back into public ownership. Start solving our housing crisis with a sweeping taxation of land back into public ownership.

If Jeremy Corbyn leads Labour into government then expect the agenda of re-nationalising our assets to be a key aspect of his mandate. We, the public, will be told that it would be too expensive. If Corbyn pursues it in government then expect the Tories and, if they still exist, Labour’s Right leaners to talk of large compensation packages for the current owners. No need for any of that, legislate and then tax it back to us, at no further cost.

Is it that simple?

No, of course not. The opposition to it from those in our society with the resources, influence, and access to power will be vicious. If we think Jeremy Corbyn gets a rough ride now, just wait till he is in a position to affect change and strive for social justice. Our current ‘establishment’ will shit the proverbial brick. Why do people think the ‘establishment’ are so dead set against him being the leader of the opposition when it comes time for the British public to kick the Tories out of government again?

Re-nationalisation through taxation.

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