Tory runaway train, leaving chaos in its wake

People have compared Britain pursuing the Tory ‘brexit’ with marching off of a cliff but it is becoming ever clearer that things are much worse than that. If only we were marching off of a cliff we would be faced with some future disaster once we have plunged, screaming, onto the base of the cliff. We could enjoy the serene moment of the void before the screaming starts. Instead, the Tory ‘brexit’ is leaving a trail of destruction. We are not being cajoled towards a precipice, we are the victims of the Tory runaway train, existing within the debris left behind as it hurtles towards an unknown demise.

It is a train that could be derailed at any time, causing even greater carnage than it has already inflicted. It is a train whose destination is a promised precipice and we have been promised that, wherever we are at the moment of the train running out of track and diving off, we will be dragged aboard the plunging train. But there is a nagging doubt that it is not a precipice that the train is headed towards, that it will simply run out of track, derail, and crash, with us being dragged onto the train at that moment.

Britain is living through Speed 3, with the Tories at the helm instead of Sandra Bullock, but, this time, Sandra Bullock would not only be at the controls of the runaway but she would have been the person that set it into freefall and she would not actually stop it because she fears she would be rightly held responsible for the mayhem and destruction she had caused. So Bullock would vainly try and steer the train, with the hope that she could jump clear of it when it finally crashes.

David Cameron set the Tory runaway train going in 2016 and jumped from the cab to tend to his tax avoided assets, since then, the Tories have been piling on the destruction at a frightening pace. Initially, their arrogance permitted them to ignore the error of setting the train running and, instead, they focused on exploiting ‘brexit’ for their own ends, all the while picking up more and more speed and causing more mayhem. The arrogance has thinned and been replaced by desperation.

Since the EU referendum result in June 2016, the Tories have demonstrated some clear things for the British electorate to consider. They cannot govern in anything like the interests of the people of Britain. Not even close. In fact, they seem keener to represent the interests of foreign governments. They are a party absolutely riven by discord and factional infighting. They are as sleazy, corrupt and self-serving as they were when they were last ejected from government in 1997.

Those in charge of the Conservative Party now have destroyed the party, exploiting their voter base, whilst warping their politics beyond anything but lip-service to Conservative ‘values’. Britain deserves better than the Tory runaway train and Conservative voters deserve better than what their party has become, indulging the worst self-serving compulsions of the least among us. Can the Conservative Party be redeemed? Probably not but if they are to be then it will require an overhaul from the top down, relieved of governmental responsibilities, with Conservative moderates providing input from the Opposition benches.