Tories have betrayed Conservative voters and wrecked the Conservative Party

The problems with the Conservative party stem from them being consumed by that faction of Conservative politics that we know of as Tories and who were wet-nursed by Thatcher. John Major referred to them as ‘bastards’ and they are a parasitical zombie cult within British politics. They have always been well funded and with strong ties with the egos that own and influence our media. It was why, despite them being small in number and despite their politics being at odds with Conservative voters interests, John Major could not just expel them from the party.

John Major was exasperated by them within the Conservatives and their ruinous influence eventually turned Britain against the party in 1997. John Major should have remained as leader of the Conservatives into opposition and used his tenure to route out parasites, free from the incumbencies of trying to govern. Instead, Major stood down and was replaced by a series of insipid Conservative ‘leaders’ who either colluded with the parasites or were incapable of understanding the damage that they were inflicting on the party and British politics or were simply too weak to do anything about them.

During their opposition years, the parasites were incubated and, though still a minority within the Conservatives, they assumed control of the Conservative party. By chance they found themselves back in power in 2010, thanks to the LibDem leadership’s naivety and lack of political nous. In 2015 the Tories won a slim and universally unexpected majority due to election fraud and on the 8th June 2017 they lost that majority.

The Tories have a vision of themselves as 19th century industrialists and landowners (which, to be fair, is what many of them have descended from). Their vision of Britain is one that facilitates (and, crucially, pays) for that vision of themselves. Everything about their politics looks backwards, it’s why they fight to maintain vellum as the thing that ‘important’ Parliament documents are written on, regardless of the waste of taxpayers’ money. Theirs is not Conservative politics, in fact, theirs is precisely the politics that Conservative voters fought against. Tory politics is that of indulged Prince Regents, getting fat on exorbitant taxes on hard working businesses and wrecking Britain’s economy.

The Tories have made Britain an international laughing stock, they have crippled us with debt and they have ushered in an intolerant miserly version of Britain that I recognise only because I grew up under Thatcher and, even then, it was not as bad as now. Britain had moved on and the Tories have dragged us back in a very dark way.

The Tories have sacrificed Britain’s security to pay for their indulgences, they have sacrificed the NHS to pay for their indulgences, they have sacrificed our job security and our pensions. Our schools and our care have been sacrificed. Most brutal and unforgivable, our most vulnerable have been sacrificed by the Tories at their alter of enriching the richest. Cuts to inheritance, corporation and capital gains taxes have been venerated and cuts to the armed forces, police, fire service, health service, care, education, pensions, libraries, youth centres, refuges for women at risk, are among the services that have paid for them.

On the 8th June 2017 Britain rescinded the Tories slim majority and rejected their leader who had called the election with a direct call for a personal mandate. After one of the most protracted campaigns against an opposition party and leader, voters were not confident that voting for Labour would bring them a new government and so no party was elected on the 8th June. But now Britain knows they can do more than just reject the Tories, they can select a new government. The Conservative party need to be removed from power immediately to stop the damage their leadership are doing but Britain still needs a party that represents Conservative voters.

Labour should form a government and it should do so now with progressive moderate voices from the SNP, the Greens, the LibDems and the Conservatives (plus any similar voices among the ‘other’). The Conservatives have clearly been incapable of routing their parasites (in the way that Labour’s membership have successfully done) so they should be provided assistance. The weight of governing should be removed from the Conservatives and moderate voices given the reins, allowing Conservative voters the opportunity to see the best of their party and not the spite-filled, self-interested minority who currently infest it. The current Conservative leadership are so rancid that they see no shame in partnering the Conservative party with the likes of the DUP. Conservative voters deserve better and have been betrayed.