Labour’s ‘brexit’ opposition: Beware the Whispers…

A great deal of frustration surrounds the issue of the Tories’ ‘brexit’. Understandably. People who oppose the lunacy of the Tories downward spiral of their own making are desperate for it to end but we are living through confusing times and Labour’s ‘brexit’ opposition is being being intentionally obfuscated.

We have a media who are bent against Britain’s primary opposition party because the owners of the media fear the consequences of an opposition that becomes a government that will not act in their interests at the expense of the interests of everyone else.

We have a primary opposition party that is having to wrangle a splinter group within its own ranks who are determined to retake their glory days at the head of the top table. A sect who are so afraid that their exclusion from the top table will become permanent if their party form a government before they have retaken their places that they have been prepared to brief against their own party and their own leaderships to undermine their party’s election chances (see The Summer That Changed Everything).

We have a small group of individuals who have a fanatical obsession about Britain leaving the oversight of the EU, whatever the cost to the rest of the country, confident that, whatever the cost, they won’t have to personally pay it. Aligned with them are the usual chancers, speculators and spivs who see potential for profit and personal advancement amid the chaos.

Labour’s response to the outcome of the advisory referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU has been clear and consistent. Labour respects the voice of the majority of people who voted their dissatisfaction with Britain’s membership of the EU and, given the opportunity, they will negotiate the best deal for Britain, protecting Britain’s jobs, Britain’s workers, Britain’s economy, Britain’s interests. It is a position that rang true with voters in June 2017, who rescinded the Tory majority in Westminster.

Labour’s current leadership have stood firm in their response, despite the sniping from within their party by people whose motivations are at odds with the party’s interests and those of their constituents and Britain. They have stood firm against the barrage from the media who have ceaselessly attempted to muddy public opinion about the leadership. In the election in June, the public demonstrated that they were seeing past Labour’s internal conflicts and seeing through the lies and smears of the media.

Attacks on Britain’s primary opposition will continue, no doubt. Jibes about how ineffective the opposition are will continue. Satisfying pundits is not the goal of Labour’s leadership. Labour will talk to Britain’s public direct and, as they did in June, trust the public can make good decisions when presented with the facts and trust the public will see through the lies. It will sometimes be difficult to tell the difference between people who are frustrated by the disaster of the Tories’ ‘brexit’ and those who are simply attempting to undermine the opposition to it; calls of “Labour should oppose ‘brexit'”, could come from either.

‘brexit’ is NOT the only response to the outcome of the referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU, it is the Tories’ response to it. There are no ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ ‘brexits’, only a Tory one. Labour respects the outcome of the referendum but they oppose ‘brexit’. Opposing ‘brexit’ does not mean that you oppose the outcome of the advisory referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU. It is a very important difference but one that has been intentionally muddied by the media and the Tories alike because it suits both of them for the public to be confused because the confusion works in their interests.

Other political parties want to make hay and are happy to play along against the opposition. They repeat the same lies because their interests lie within empowering themselves, not in what is best for Britain. It is of less importance to them that Britain is credibly opposing the disastrous ‘brexit’ than it is to score party political points and continue the confusion. Attacking the opposition, with a hope to weaken it, while pretending to oppose ‘brexit’ is maddening but there is also the very real possibility that the MPs that do it are so vacuous and vain that they honestly don’t see what they’re doing. They could really be that stupid.

The Tories don’t believe in ‘brexit’, they only want to remain in power. The media does not believe in ‘brexit’, they only want to have a political party in power that will act in their owners’ interests. If the current Labour leadership were in the pocket of the media-owning/directing caste in Britain then the media would be currently eviscerating the hapless Tories into history, as they did with Andrea Leadsom when she ran against May in the Tory leadership election. The sleaze, deceit and corruption of this Conservative Party is like nothing I have witnessed before, absolutely rotten to its core and would not survive a week if the media removed the shadows that are barely covering them. The British public should consider what they think of those in the media who are currently propping up this calamitous Conservative government.

Labour ARE opposing the Tories’ ‘brexit’ and will continue to do so, they are also respecting the outcome of the referendum and, given the opportunity, will negotiate for and deliver the best deal for Britain with the EU, in OUR interests, NOT the interests of the tax avoiding, media controlling few. Be wary of those who attempt to weaken the opposition to the mob who currently occupy Downing Street, even if they sound like they want the same response to the referendum as you.